Zinga Cathodic Protection On Kouter Kiosk, Ghent

Zinga Metal Protection

As part of our introduction to the uses of Zinga cathodic protection worldwide, Promain would like to introduce the use of Zinga on complex metal work.

Introducing The Project

The Kouter is the main square in the centre of the Flemish city of Ghent. Since 1772, there has been a flower market held there every Sunday. Surrounded by stately, mostly 19th century buildings, including the Trade Stock Exchange, if you ever travel to Ghent, this square is more than likely on the must see list.

In the square, there is a late 19th-century cast-iron kiosk, built in 1878 to a design by the Ghent architect Adolphe Pauli. On Sunday’s the kiosk served as a stage for concerts for the middle class. On Wednesday’s common people could also attend. In the 19th century there were six music kiosks in the centre of Ghent, now there’s only two left.

Cathodic Protection Via Zinga

IBT from Oosterzele refurbished in 1998, by IBT from Oosterzele. The entire structure was coated with a primer coat of ZINGA followed by a top coat. Below, you can see the detail of the completed project of the bandstand:

Zinga Metal Protection

Introduction To Cathodic Protection By Zinga

Zinga is an easy to apply, single pack primer paint coating. It contains 96% zinc and therefore will protect many steel structures from bridges to boat hulls. In addition it is used in many exterior paint applications such as infrastructure through to DIY. Zinga will protect rusty steel from corrosion in one protective coating. This anti rust paint or anti rust spray protects against the corrosion of metals. It is not a metallic paint, but it offers a matt finish similar to hot dip galvanized steel.

Applied directly to clean, bare steel, Zinga is not a rust converter. It should not be applied over an existing paint coating. A sealer coat can be applied following the application of this rust inhibitor. This is then followed by a range of compatible top coats, as discussed below.

Key Features of Zinga

Zinga Cathodic Protection 96%

  • Protects longer than hot-dip galvanising (at the same DFT)
  • You can apply Zinga on site
  • Zinga can be used to re-coat existing galvanising
  • Existing layers of Zinga are re-coatable
  • Excellent primer in Duplex system
  • Good resistance to mechanical abrasion
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Extremely flexible
  • You can apply Zinga in extreme temperatures
  • Weldable to X-ray quality
  • Certified to not spread flame or create smoke (BS476 parts 6&7)
  • Unlimited shelf life and unlimited pot life

Preparation For Zinga

The key to Zinga’s long life is in the thorough preparation of steel substrates to the correct specification. Below we have made a simple to use table to show the correct technique for each circumstance.

Marine Structures
  • Remove all crustacean growth using either a UHP water-jet or a high-pressure wash-down
  • Dry off
  • Blast-clean to Sa2.5 cleanliness
Old or Worn Galvanising, Thermally Sprayed Zinc (TSZ) or Old Zinga
  • Steam-clean to remove all contamination from porous surfaces
  • Dry off
  • Blast-clean as normal
New Steel
  • Steam-clean or high-pressure wash-down all surfaces
  • Allow to dry
  • Blast-clean to a cleanliness standard of Sa 2.5
New Galvanised Steel
  • Steam-clean
  • Sweep-blast the surface/s at a blast-pressure of 55 psi using a 45o nozzle angle to avoid – Removing any existing zinc thickness
Cast Iron
  • Steam-clean or high-pressure wash-down
  • Allow to dry
  • Blast-clean to SA2.5 cleanliness
Aluminium Alloys
  • Solvent clean as per SSPC-SP1 Standard
  • Blast-clean with aluminium-oxide media grade 3
  • Finally, vacuum surfaces before paint application

Suitable Topcoats

Zinga is compatible with a wide range of topcoats including epoxies, polyurethanes and acrylic based paint coatings. In conclusion, depending on your circumstance and the project involved, Promain are able to advise on the best paint system for your individual needs.

Finally, the Zinga systems reach ISO 12944 tests.

Want to find out more about Zinga zinc cathodic protection as an alternative to hot dip galvanizing? Contact our technical team on 01462 421333 to discuss your requirements.

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