Concrete Repair: A Product Guide

Concrete repair is one of those maintenance tasks that is vital for a multitude of industries. If you are a DIY user with a concrete driveway, concrete steps or retaining walls Promain can help advise the correct products and practices to repair your concrete. We regularly supply and specify concrete surface repair products to contractors throughout the UK. Our technical team have provided solutions for many prestigious buildings, London Underground, the Highways Agency and even nuclear power plants. Therefore, you can be assured Promain have the right knowledge to ensure your concrete fix is built for purpose and built to last!

Selecting The Right Repair Mortar For The Application

Before carrying out repairs to concrete, you need to ask yourself certain questions. Are you a domestic customer? Do you require a concrete repair compound for an industrial situation? If you do, is there a specification you must meet? Do you need a strong repair mortar, or is it just an aesthetic repair?

Make sure you know the purpose and intentions of your repair before purchasing and applying the wrong product.

Promain’s Best Concrete Repair Mortars

Promain are the UK’s favourite distributor of coatings and maintenance solutions. Because of this, we are proud to distribute cement repair products from leading manufacturers Sika, Mapei, Remmers, Rust-Oleum and Fosroc.

We have vertical concrete repair products suitable for internal and external walls. We also have products for any horizontal concrete fix you may require.

Over time concrete can suffer from weathering and movement leading to pitting and cracks forming. As part of a maintenance routine, concrete repair is vital for both aesthetics and safety.

Best Entry Level Concrete Fix Mortar

One of our most popular entry level concrete fixers is Rust-Oleum’s 5180. Rust-Oleum 5180 Epoxy Repair Mortar is a professional quality fast setting and permanent repair compound. It is ideal to repair badly cracked and worn concrete or stone floors. This product does not require priming before use. Therefore, you can apply it directly to a concrete or stone surface, to give it ultra resistance. Rust-Oleum Epoxy Repair Mortar 5180 is better than conventional fillers and mortars as often they will loosen or fail. Rust-Oleum Epoxy Repair Mortar 5180 will not do this. When completely cured, Rust-Oleum Epoxy Repair Mortar 5180 is FIVE TIMES stronger than normal concrete.

Best Concrete Repair For Cracks

For repairing cracks in con concrete you really need a 2 pack epoxy repair. Sika SikaRepair EP is a repair mortar for a variety of applications including repair mortar for concrete, cement mortar and stone. It is ideal for filling holes and corners suffering from damage. You can also use SikaRepair EP for fixing edges and joint sides in concrete, rigid interpretation of broad, non-moving joints, and filling and sealing of cracks.

Best Concrete Repair For Walls

Another fast concrete repair mortar is Remmers Betofix R2. Betofix R2 is ideal for fast concrete repairs on concrete façades. It is ideal for repairing superficial damage on concrete, reinforced concrete and light-weight concrete. You also can incorporate Remmers Rust Inhibitor M to provide mineral corrosion protection for reinforcement steel. You can also use this versatile repair for concrete product for closing broken out areas, pipes, pores, unevenness and gravel pockets. Betofix R2 is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

All Our Concrete Fix Options

Take a look at our full range of solutions including MMA repair mortars by viewing our full product catalogue:

If there are simply too many products for you to decide which is best for your circumstance, please call our technical team. No matter how big or small your project is we can help you find a long lasting solution to your concrete issues.

Remember to always refer to product data sheet prior to application.

The Importance of Depth of Mortar

Some mortars such as Rust-Oleum Deep Fill Mortar can be applied in one application to a depth of 100mm. Other products however may not go up to such depths. You need to apply these repair mortars in multiple coatings. If you do apply these mortars too thickly, it may not bind around the edges and cause issues.

What Do The R2 – R4 Concrete Ratings Mean?

There is an international standard for the repair of concrete – R2, R3 and R4. For example, if you are a contractor repairing a concrete railway bridge you can expect to use a stronger structural concrete repair mortar. An example of a high strength mortar that can be fibre reinforced is Mapei Planitop R4.

You can see our full categories for heavy-duty concrete mortars below:

concrete repair in a London Underground tunnel

Why Can’t I Just Use Concrete To Repair Concrete?!

Common practice does not recommend using concrete to repair concrete that has failed. This is because concrete requires to be laid in thicker sections – if you just have a crack it isn’t the appropriate product.

However, if you have a step edge that is crumbling in your garden, a product such as Rustoleum 5180 Epoxy Repair would be an ideal fixing mortar.


If you require a resin concrete repair or concrete repair kit contact us today. Our technical team have a wide range of knowledge from the leading concrete repair manufacturers. If you require a specification for your failed concrete call 01462 421333.

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