Rust-Oleum Concrete Repair

Cracks in concrete floors, walls and broken step edges are common and can be easily repaired with the range of concrete repair compounds available from Anglo (now part of the Rustoleum Group). Epoxy liquids can be used to fill cracks in floors, and areas such as step edges and holes product such as Anglo Epoxy Repair Mortar is suitable. Light weight mortars are used on walls and soffits. Damage can be repaired with epoxy compound containing varying sized aggregates that offer much stiffer mixtures that can be moulded into desired shapes and forms. These epoxy materials are often stronger than the original substrates and will last many years. For areas of floors that are uneven self levelling compounds are applied, products such as Speed Screed a pre-blended compound that is easterly mixed for fast application, offering a non-dusting, slip resistant surface that requires no further treatment before use.

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  1. Rustoleum 5180 Epoxy Repair Mortar
    Rustoleum 5180 Epoxy Repair Mortar

    A professional quality fast setting and permanent repairs compound for badly cracked and worn concrete or stone floors.

    From £26.59 £22.16
  2. Rustoleum 5150 Speed Patch for Floors
    Rustoleum 5150 Speed Patch for Floors

    Fast Setting for Deep Holes in Concrete and Power Floated Floors and slabs.

    From £132.38 £110.32
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