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  1. Sika Monotop 614F, 25Kg
    Sika Monotop 614F, 25Kg

    A one component flowable repair mortar (High Flow) containing shrinkage compensators and high range water-reducing agents.

    From £35.88 £29.90
  2. Sika Monotop 615
    Sika Monotop 615

    A one component R3 cement based polymer modified high build repair and reprofiling mortar.

    From £60.02 £50.02
  3. Sika Primer 3N
    Sika Primer 3N

    A solvent based, single pack primer for use on porous substrates and metals.

    From £84.25 £70.21
  4. Sika Sikadur 31 Plus
    Sika Sikadur 31 Plus

    An epoxy adhesive for structural bonding and concrete repair. For DIY and Professional applications.

    From £41.03 £34.19
  5. Sika Sikafloor 150
    Sika Sikafloor 150

    A 2-part, low odour, low viscosity, multi-purpose epoxy resin. Used as an epoxy primer, levelling mortar and mortar screed.

    From £200.40 £167.00
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