Sika Sikadur 41 CF Normal

SKU id21546 UN3077 (Class: 9, Pk Grp: III), Part B: UN1759 (Class: 8, Pk Grp: III), Part C: Non Hazardous
A thixotropic, 3-component patching and repair mortar.
Available in 10 Kg in Grey
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Product Description

Sika Sikadur 41 CF Normal is a thixotropic, 3-component patching and repair mortar, based on a combination of epoxy resins and special fillers, designed for use at temperatures between 10 - 30°C.

Best Uses

Sika Sikadur 41 CF Normal is formulated as a repair and bonding mortar for concrete elements, hard natural stone, ceramics, fibre cement, mortar, bricks, masonry, steel, iron, aluminium, wood, polyester, epoxy, and glass.

Sika Sikadur 41 CF Normal is also ideal as a repair mortar for filling of cavities and voids, vertical and overhead use, as well as corners and edges. 41CF Normal is suitable as an abrasion and impact resistant wearing course when joint filling and crack sealing and when repairing joint and crack arris / edges.

  • Easy to mix and apply
  • Very good adhesion to most construction materials
  • High strength
  • Thixotropic: Non-sag in vertical and overhead applications
  • Hardens without shrinkage
  • Different coloured components (for mixing control)
  • No primer needed
  • High initial and ultimate mechanical strength
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Good chemical resistance


Mortar and concrete must be older than 28 days (depends on minimal requirement of strengths). Verify the substrate strength (concrete, masonry, natural stone). The substrate surface (all types) must be clean, dry or mat damp (no standing water) and free from contaminants such as dirt, oil, grease, existing surface treatments and coatings etc. Steel substrates must be de-rusted similar to Sa 2.5. The substrate must be sound and all loose particles must be removed.

Concrete, mortar, stone, bricks:
Substrates must be sound, dry or mat damp (no standing water) , clean and free from laitance, ice, grease, oils, old surface treatments or coatings and all loose or
friable particles must be removed to achieve a laitance and contaminant free, open textured surface.

Must be cleaned and prepared thoroughly to an acceptable quality i.e. by blast-cleaning and vacuum. Avoid dew point conditions.

Pre-batched units:
Mix components A+B together for at least 3 minutes with a mixing spindle attached to a slow speed electric drill (max. 300 rpm) until the material becomes smooth in consistency and a uniform grey colour. Then add part C and continue until mixture is homogeneous. Avoid aeration while mixing. Then, pour the whole mix into a clean container and stir again for approx. 1 more minute at low speed to keep air entrapment at a minimum. Mix only that quantity which can be used within its pot life.

Brush the adhesive well into the substrate. Sikadur®-31 CF can be used as primer to improve the bond. When using a thin layer adhesive, apply the mixed adhesive
to the prepared surface with a spatula, trowel, notched trowel, (or with hands protected by gloves). When applying as a repair mortar, use some form work. When using for bonding metal profiles onto vertical surfaces, support and press uniformly using props for at least 12 hours, depending on the thickness applied (not more than 5 mm) and the room temperature. Once hardened check the adhesion by tapping with a hammer.

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