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Whilst digging the Gotthard Tunnel in Switzerland in the early 1900's, Kasper Vinkler invented a product to protect and clean granite that also waterproofed mortar he called this liquid additive Sika 1. Kasper went on to form his company in 1911, which he started with the help of a chemist to formulate his products. Business was tough for many years especially during the first World War. In 1918, a breakthrough came from the Swiss Federal Railway and after trials of the Sika 1 they waterproofed 67 tunnels through the Alps. By 1921, a small manufacturing plant was established. By 1928, subsidiaries were established in Italy, France and England.

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Sika Everbuild

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Concrete Repair & Protection

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Sika Liquid Plastics Roofing

Sika Liquid Plastics Roofing

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By 1985 Sika had a presence not only in Europe but South America and Asia also. 111e business continued to expand to such a degree that by 1968 Sika Finanz AG (as it was now known) was listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange. Even through the extremely difficult years of 1973 and 1976 where the global recession hit hard Sika regrouped and came out stronger for it. The 1980's saw a new market evolve with the introduction of Sika as a revolutionary alternative to traditional fixings this helped grow the numbers of personnel in the business to over 4000 and by 1989 the turnover had grown to over one billion francs. Since 2000 Sika has concentrated its business in 5 sectors sealing, bonding, damping, reinforcing and protection.

Promain have been involved in the growth of the steel protection in the UK after being appointed the principal distributor for the Sika lcosit 6630. Sika AG acquired the Lotech Group Ltd who owned Liquid Plastics in 2009 known for their Decothane roofing system and their Hygiene brands Sreisheen, Sterimat and Steridex, these products have now been rebranded Sikagard® 205W, Sikagard® 206W and Sikagard® 203W.

Sika Liquid Plastics

Promain also provide the Sika Liquid Plastics range of Roofing Paints, Floor Paints, Concrete Repair materials and masonry paints. Please contact our technical team for further advice and specifications in regards Sika Liquid Plastics Paints, Coating and Concrete Repair.