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Sika, as a world wide manufacturer, offer some of the best coatings and additives, and are known for their extensive range of floor paints and coatings, be it water based epoxies to resin screed systems. Many of the Sika floor paints cary the BBA certificate guaranteeing quality and life expectancy. Low VOC floor paints such as the Sikafloor 2530W now renamed Sikafloor 2540W are solvent free 2 part epoxy coatings suitable for normal to heavy duty loadings found in places such as production areas, wearhouses  car parks or garages. As an odourless paint it is ideally suited to be use in sensitive environments such as food production areas and pharmaceutical laboratories.

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  1. Sika Primer 3N
    Sika Primer 3N

    A solvent based, single pack primer for use on porous substrates and metals.

    From £84.25 £70.21
  2. Sika Sikafloor 169
    Sika Sikafloor 169

    A two part, very low yellowing, low viscous, transparent epoxy resin for mortars, screeds and seal coats.

    From £512.70 £427.25
  3. Sika Sikafloor 91
    Sika Sikafloor 91

    A resin based epoxy mortar for patching and screeding industrial floors, which are subject to heavy traffic.

    From £195.44 £162.87
  4. Sika Sikafloor 264 N Smooth Epoxy Floor Resin
    Sika Sikafloor 264 N Smooth Epoxy Floor Resin

    Formerly Sikafloor 264. A two part, economic, coloured industrial epoxy resin floor paint for maintenance workshops, garages and loading ramps.

    From £275.34 £229.45
  5. Sika Sikafloor ProSeal
    Sika Sikafloor ProSeal

    A solvent based, clear acrylic resin polymer solution for curing, hardening and sealing concrete surfaces.

    From £394.85 £329.04
  6. Sika DecoQuartz Formerly PU Quartz
    Sika DecoQuartz Formerly PU Quartz

    A decorative, slip resistant flooring aggregate formulated for use under seal coats of Sikafloor®-169.

    From £79.00 £65.83
  7. Sika Sikafloor 150
    Sika Sikafloor 150

    A 2-part, low odour, low viscosity, multi-purpose epoxy resin. Used as an epoxy primer, levelling mortar and mortar screed.

    From £200.40 £167.00
  8. Sika Sikafloor 262 AS N
    Sika Sikafloor 262 AS N

    A two part, self-smoothing, coloured epoxy resin coating. It should be combined with Sikafloor Filler 1 or Sika Quartz Sand.

    From £770.33 £641.94
  9. Sika Sikafloor Proseal W
    Sika Sikafloor Proseal W

    Sikafloor Proseal W (water based sealer and curing agent) used to harden and seal fresh or hardened concrete.

    From £276.22 £230.18
  10. Sika Sikafloor 359 N
    Sika Sikafloor 359 N

    A two component, PUR tough elastic coloured seal coat for industrial flooring such as car park decks, ramps or warehouses.

    From £867.23 £722.69
  11. Sika Sikagard 63N
    Sika Sikagard 63N

    A solvent free coating for protecting concrete, steel and aluminium substrates in highly aggressive chemical environments.

    From £476.82 £397.35
  12. Sika Sikafloor 2 SynTop
    Sika Sikafloor 2 SynTop

    A one part, pre-blended, coloured synthetic dry shake hardener for concrete. For use on fresh, wet concrete.

    From £31.88 £26.57
  13. Sika Sikafloor 330
    Sika Sikafloor 330

    A two part, solvent free, very low VOC emission certified, elastic, self-smoothing PUR resin.

    From £391.66 £326.38
  14. Sika Sikafloor Comfort Adhesive, 20 Kg
    Sika Sikafloor Comfort Adhesive, 20 Kg

    A two part PUR product for use as part of the Sika ComfortFloor range and for interiors where a low odour product is required.

    From £281.88 £234.90
  15. Sika Sikafloor 263SL N
    Sika Sikafloor 263SL N

    A 2 part epoxy self-smoothing and broadcast system for concrete / cement screeds in areas of normal to medium heavy traffic.

    From £576.00 £480.00
  16. Sika Quartz Sand 25 Kg Anti Slip Aggregate
    Sika Quartz Sand 25 Kg Anti Slip Aggregate

    A quartz sand aggregate to add to floors to increase slip resistance supplied in 25 Kg bag.

    From £23.72 £19.77
  17. Sika Sikafloor 2510W
    Sika Sikafloor 2510W

    A two-part, water-based, coloured epoxy resin floor coating with low emissions and low maintenance requirements.

    From £665.03 £554.19
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