Sika Sikafloor® 330

Sika Sikafloor® 330

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Sikafloor 330 is a two part, solvent free, very low VOC emission certified, elastic, self-smoothing PUR resin.
Available in 20 Kg
£217.44 (£260.93 Inc VAT)
£217.44 (£260.93 Inc VAT)

Product Description

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Sikafloor 330 solvent free floor paint reduces footfall sound and protects floors against abrasion and mechanical damage.

Sikafloor-330 is a two component, solvent-free, elasticated, self-smoothing PUR resin floor paint designed for interior use and application to a variety of different substrates.

Sikafloor-330 is solvent free and has a very low VOC emission. It has a good resistance to mechanical damage and reduces the sound of footfall, whilst being a low maintenance finish.

Best Uses

Sikafloor-330 is best used in conjunction with Sika Floor 161 Epoxy Primer, ensuring a strong adhesion bond and a surface that is resistant to abrasion and mechanical damage. This product is highly suited for application to floors in hospitals, schools, sales premises, showrooms, entrance halls, lobbies, open-plan offices, museums and other public areas which are exposed to a high level of foot and vehicle traffic.


Sikafloor-330 is an easy to apply product. Using a serrated trowel, to spread evenly and then roll in two directions using a spiked roller, which will ensure an even thickness and remove entrapped air. Once dry, a second seal coat should be applied using a short pile roller. Please read the technical data sheets for full preparation and application methods.

Surface and Environment

Sikafloor-330 can be used over the Sika Floor 161 Epoxy Primer and the Sikafloor Comfort Adhesive. Sikafloor-330 is part of the ComfortFloor and ComfortFloor Pro systems, which are for application to interior concrete substrates, cement screeds and epoxy mortars.

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