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As part of the complete coatings systems for the envelope of buildings and other structures Sika Liquid Plastics have developed a range of wall coatings for industrial, commercial and residential properties that offer protection against not only the weather but airborne pollution. Products such as Sikagard® 550W an anti carbonation coating that stop degradation from carbon partials in exhaust fumes as well as to bridging small cracks in render. Sika Liquid Plastics offer the industry standard clear coating K501 formulated with products including Silane Siloxane technology to stop water from penetrating uncoated porous brickwork used to build walls.

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  1. Sika SikaCor EG5
    Sika SikaCor EG5

    A 2-pack acrylic polyurethane ideally suited to all environments where both protective and decorative considerations are present.

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