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About Sika Liquid Plastics Roofing

Liquid Plastics developed a seamless cold applied roofing system that is reinforced with a fiberglass membrane that can offer up to 25 years life expectancy on flat as well as pitched, green or inverted roofs. This BBA certified system is a VOC compliant coating that eliminates the risk of fire during application, once installed Decothane offers the highest fire rating of (BROOF (t4)). Decothane offers the benefit of being a high solids UV stable coating that is easy to apply, fast curing and rain resistant in an extremely short period of time. Other advantages offered by Decothane is the ability to be applied at temperature’s as low as 2 degrees C making this paint a truly year round coating. Decothane is also approved to ETAg 005 (Part 6). Now owned by Sika the Decothane Beta 10, Omega 15 and Gamma 25 liquid applied waterproof coating is only available to QA qualified contractors, please contact the technical department at Promain for a suitable alternative system.

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  1. Sika Liquid Plastics D-10 RoofPro - Formerly Sikalastic 618
    Sika Liquid Plastics D-10 RoofPro - Formerly Sikalastic 618

    Part of the Decothane liquid roofing range of paint coatings.

    From £287.09 £239.24
  2. Sika Sikalastic RoofPro Advanced
    Sika Sikalastic RoofPro Advanced

    A single component, cold-applied, moisture-triggered polyurethane membrane. It cures to form a seamless, durable and weather- resistant waterproofing ...

    From £578.89 £482.41

18 Items

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Promain are committed to bringing you only the best protective products on the market, which is why we have brought you the highly sought after Sika Liquid Plastics Roofing range. We know how important your roofs and exterior surfaces are, and so our technical support team are always on hand to help you pick the right paint.

From Decothane, to Soladex and Bonding Primers too, we have a selection of high performance roofing paints that all possess exception waterproofing properties and protection against weather damage. Take a look and see if you can find what you are looking for. Alternatively, you can give us a call and we can point you in the right direction.