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As an industry leader in Germany Sika produce many products for leading industrial applications industries such as tunnelling through the Alps, Sika developed their first product Sika 1 a waterproofing additive for cements to stop water penetrating through the concrete walls of the tunnel. Sika 1 should be added to renders on swimming pools to stop water from passing through the render from the ground into the pool as this water pressure will make the paint blister and finally delaminate from the substrate.

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  1. Sika SikaCor Icosit 6630 System Topcoat
    Sika SikaCor Icosit 6630 System Topcoat

    Topcoat for SikaCor Icosit 6630 System.

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Sika Icosit 6630 is a single pack paint that contains polyurethane to aid flexibility and reduce UV degradation, this product and the Sika PUR SW are specified for the use on the German Railways. A common request is for a coating suitable for potable drinking water that can be applied to steel or concrete to which we have the Sikagard® 62 a 2 pack solvent free high build epoxy paint coating that is suitable for pipe linings, water tanks, bunds, reservoirs as well as food production facilities, cleanroom floors and walls even in nuclear installations. Promain also offer a range of Sika thinners and extenders that are specially blended to add to Sika paints. Sika Quartz Sand is available in 3 sizes and added to floor paint to create a non slip finish where spillage of water or other chemicals may take place. Promain are happy to help with any Sika product you may be interested in so please call or send an e-mail.

As well as offering a great supply of Sika Liquid Plastics Coatings, Promain UK Ltd also have Thinners for you so you can always ensure you Sika products are applied at the right thickness. For more information about how to use thinners and how important they are, give us a call and we will be more than happy to discuss this with you.