Remmers Betofix R2

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Versatile, fast repair mortar for repairing concrete in just a few hours.
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Product Description

Remmers Betofix R2 is a factory-mixed, highly modified, fast repair mortar that is ready to use after mixing with water and sets hydraulically. Versatile and reliable fast repair mortar for repairing superficial damage on concrete.

Best Uses

Betofix R2 is best used for fast concrete repairs in façade areas. It is ideal for repairing superficial damage on concrete, reinforced concrete and light-weight concrete, as well as mineral corrosion protection for reinforcement steel (with Remmers Rust Inhibitor M, Art. No. 0919). This can also be used for closing broken out areas, pipes, pores, unevenness and gravel pockets, and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.


At the time of application the substrate must be dry to matt damp, sound and load-bearing. Remove loose material that could interfere with adhesion and cement grout by sandblasting, bush hammering, milling or similar treatment. The substrate must also be sufficiently rough. The pull-off strength of the substrate must correspond to the relevant technical rules. The pre-wet substrate should be still slightly absorbent.

De-rust exposed reinforcement steel to blank metal SA 2 ½ and remove dust and grease. If there are deeper broken out areas, the adhesive pull strength of the sub-strate should be at least 1.5 N/mm².Then mix 2 parts by weight Betofix R2 with 0.9 parts by weight Remmers Rust Inhibitor M until a homogeneous brushing consistence has been achieved.

Ratio by volume: 2 parts by volume dispersion + 2.5 parts by volume powder.

Coat the entire surface of the steel reinforcement with the freshly mixed corrosion inhibiting grout at least 1 mm thick. Apply a second coat of fresh corrosion inhibiting grout after a waiting time of at least 30 minutes. After a further 30 minutes, the broken out area can be closed with Betofix R2.

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