Tensid supply innovative and effective products for more than 30 years. Tensid specialise in solutions to clean, protect and maintain our built environment. Tensid’s products range from graffiti removal chemicals and equipment, to hydrophobic impregnations, renovation treatments, stone cleaning products and everything in between.

Tensid Tavec 100 Paint Stripper is a biodegradable multiple layer paint stripper. It is formulated for removal of most paint types, urethanes and other coatings from most surfaces. It is also low odour and can easily be applied by brush.        

Tensid Tavec 201 is a multiple layer paint stripper that is non-toxic and biodegradable. It is formulated for removal of most paint types. Tavec 201 Paint Stripper will remove urethanes and other coatings. Unlike most conventional paint strippers Tavec does not dissolve paint but works by being absorbed into the paint layers and causing the coating to swell delaminating it from the substrate. This action helps to contain hazardous components such as lead and isocyanate.

Tensid Heavy Duty Paint Stripper, is an alkaline formulation with organic solvents. It is formulated to removes multiple layers of oil based paint and graffiti from masonry surfaces. This ‘slow working’ extended contact remover, remains active for up to 24 hours. One application of Heavy Duty Paint Stripper dissolves heavy accumulations of paint, restoring old masonry to its original appearance. Heavy Duty Paint Stripper contains no methanol, methylene chloride or chlorinated solvents, and is water rinseable and non-flammable

Tensid LFP Liquid Line Marking Paint has been specifically developed as a fast drying, line marking coating for minimum disruption.

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  1. Tensid 2K Epoxy LFP Line Marking Paint Primer
    Tensid 2K Epoxy LFP Line Marking Paint Primer

    A water based, two pack epoxy primer for use prior to line marking paints offering excellent adhesion and corrosion resistance.

    From £172.80 £144.00
  2. Tensid LFP Line Marking Paint
    Tensid LFP Line Marking Paint

    Specifically developed line marking paint as a fast drying line marking coating for concrete surfaces with minimum disruption.

    From £136.94 £114.12
  3. Tensid Cladex Revive AL
    Tensid Cladex Revive AL

    A safe waterborne, quick drying, cleaner maintainer and surface reviver all in one.

    From £276.00 £230.00
  4. Tensid Impreg Dust Binder
    Tensid Impreg Dust Binder

    A waterborne acrylic copolymer surface dust binding treatment for concrete and masonry surfaces.

    From £218.40 £182.00
  5. Tensid Cladex Restore
    Tensid Cladex Restore

    A clear protector and restorer suitable for most types of contemporary cladding materials.

    From £482.40 £402.00
  6. Tensid PROSOCO Light Duty Concrete Cleaner
    Tensid PROSOCO Light Duty Concrete Cleaner

    Removes common construction and atmospheric staining from smooth architectural and engineered concrete.

    From £73.80 £61.50
  7. Tensid PROSOCO 600 Detergent
    Tensid PROSOCO 600 Detergent

    A general purpose, concentrated acidic cleaner for brick, tile and concrete surfaces internally and externally.

    From £60.00 £50.00
  8. Tensid Safety Klean
    Tensid Safety Klean

    A safe and effective low odour and water rinsable brick cleaner. Suitable for interior cleaning. LuL APR No. 2040.

    From £93.00 £77.50
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