Tensid Safety Klean

SKU id17544 UN3265 (Class: 9, Pk Grp: II)
A safe and effective low odour and water rinsable brick cleaner. Suitable for interior cleaning. LuL APR No. 2040.
Available in 15 and 25 Litres
£83.70 (£100.44 Inc VAT)
£83.70 (£100.44 Inc VAT)

Product Description

Tensid Safety Klean is an environmentally responsible, effective, safe alternative to acidic compounds for cleaning brick, tile and concrete surfaces. Approved for London Underground use APR No.2040.

Best Uses

Non fuming Safety Klean contains no hydrochloric or other traditional inorganic acids and is safe for use on and around most metal surfaces, indoors or out. Safety Klean rids new masonry construction of excess mortar, dirt and other common job site soiling. Safety Klean rids new masonry construction of excess mortar, dirt and other common job site soiling. It is up to 70% more effective than citric and glycolic acids, and 50% more effective than phosphoric acid.

Approved for use on London Underground under LuL approval number: 2040.


Protect surrounding surfaces and beware of wind drift, splash, residue and rinse water. When possible, finish cleaning prior to installing windows, doors, light fixtures,
hardware etc. Extended contact with the cleaning solutions or its vapours may result in discolouration or damage. All caulking and sealant materials should be in place and thoroughly cured before cleaning.

To avoid harm to masonry, do not clean when temperatures are below freezing or will be overnight. Best cleaning results are obtained when air and masonry surface temperatures are 40°C or above. If freezing conditions exist prior to application, allow adequate time for masonry to thaw.

Always test each type of surface and stain before overall application to ensure suitability and desired results.