Tensid PROSOCO Light Duty Concrete Cleaner

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Removes common construction and atmospheric staining from smooth architectural and engineered concrete.
Available in 15 Litres
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Product Description

Tensid PROSOCO Light Duty Concrete Cleaner removes common construction and atmospheric staining from smooth architectural and engineered concrete.

Best Uses

Tensid Light Duty Concrete Cleaner is a general purpose, non-etching acidic cleaner that removes rust, mud, oil atmospheric dirt, mortar smears and other stains without altering the surface texture of concrete. Tensid Light Duty Concrete Cleaner adds depth to to colours, brightens white matrices and exposed aggregate.

  • Improves colour uniformity and enhances appearance
  • Contains no muriatic acid
  • Safe for most pigmented concrete and coloured mortar
  • Easily rinsed off with water


Protect surrounding surfaces and beware of wind drift and fumes. Protect people, vehicles, property, metal, painted surfaces, plants and other non masonry materials. Clean masonry before installing doors, windows, finished flooring, hardware, fixtures and fittings. If already installed, protect with polythene. Protect wall cavities during construction to prevent rain water saturation and related staining. Let newly constructed surfaces dry and cure thoroughly before cleaning. Excessive moisture may mobilise staining and cause unsatisfactory cleaning results.

Apply with soft fibred masonry brush or low pressure compression sprayer. Rinse using a pressure washer.

Always test each type of surface and stain before overall application to ensure suitability and desired results. Apply test area according to the following application procedures. Allow surface to dry thoroughly before inspection.

Always pour cold water into an empty bucket first, then carefully add Tensid 600 Detergent. Never use hot water. Handle in polyethylene buckets only. Acidic materials and fumes will attack metal.

  • Exposed aggregate – 1:2 parts water
  • Form finished concrete – rough texture 1:2 parts water, standard finish 1:3 parts water
  • Cast simulated stone – 1:3 parts water
  • Concrete block – 1:3 parts water
  • Architectural smooth finished concrete – 1:6 parts water
  1. Working from the bottom to the top, always pre-wet the surface with fresh water. When cleaning vertical surfaces, keep lower areas wet to avoid streaks
  2. Apply cleaner directly to the surface with recommended brush or low compression sprayer
  3. Let cleaner stay on the surface for 3-5 minutes or until stains are gone. If treated surfaces are left unattended, keep people away from the cleaner
  4. Reapply cleaner and rinse thoroughly with fresh water, working from the bottom to the top to get all residues off the surface. If pressure rinsing equipment is not available, brush the surface while rinsing with clean water.
  5. Clean tools and equipment with fresh water.

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