Tensid PROSOCO 600 Detergent

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A general purpose, concentrated acidic cleaner for brick, tile and concrete surfaces internally and externally.
Available in 15 Litres
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Product Description

Tensid PROSOCO 600 Detergent is a general purpose, concentrated acidic cleaner for brick, tile and concrete surfaces internally and externally.

Best Uses

Tensid PROSOCO 600 Detergent dissolves mortar smears and construction dirt quickly, leaving masonry clean and uniform with no acidic burning or streaking.

  • Fast and easy to apply – use with cold water rinse
  • Safer than hydrochloric acid for new build
  • Proven effective over many years


Protect surrounding surfaces and beware of wind drift. New brick and tile surfaces clean most effectively if the cleaning is done within 14 – 28 days after masonry
installations. Mortar and grout stains which remain on the surface for longer, result in a more difficult clean down and may cause undesirable results. Wherever possible, clean high strength mortar/grout within 7 days. Note: Presence of excessive moisture in the wall contributes to efflorescence and other staining.

Best cleaning results are obtained when air and surface temperatures are 40C or above. To avoid harm to masonry, do not clean when temperatures are below
freezing or will be overnight.

Apply using a densely packed, soft fibred masonry brush or low pressure compression sprayer. Rinse using a pressure washer.

Application Instructions – Exterior
Test thoroughly prior to general cleaning

  1. Thoroughly pre-wet a large area.
  2. Using a densely packed, soft fibred brush or low compression sprayer, apply the diluted solution freely.
  3. Allow cleaning solution to remain on the wall for 3 to 5 minutes. Do not allow cleaner to dry into the masonry as this may leave residue and stain.
  4. Reapply cleaning solution and scrape off heavy build up of excess mortar using a wooden scraper or piece of brick, taking care note to harm the surface.
  5. Rinse thoroughly with fresh water, removing all cleaning compounds, free sand, loose material and debris. Thorough rinsing is extremely important to ensure that all residues are removed from the porous masonry.
  6. Reapply as required following steps 1 to 5.

Caution: multiple applications may lighten the mortar colour.

Application Instructions – Interior
Follow cleaning procedure as for exterior surfaces. Rinse thoroughly with fresh water using a sponge or soft fibred brush. If conditions do not allow sufficient water for complete rinsing, use a neutralising rinse:

  1. First, rinse with clean water
  2. Apply neutralising rinse of 57 grams baking soda to 3.8 litres water
  3. Saturate thoroughly and allow neutralising solution to dwell on the surface for 3 to 5 minutes
  4. Apply final rinse of clean water

Always test each type of surface and stain before overall application to ensure suitability and desired results. Apply test area according to the following application procedures. Allow area to dry 3 to 7 days before inspection and approval. If test panel indicates metallic discolouration or if stains are present before testing – refer to data sheet.

Always pour cold water into an empty bucket first, then carefully add Tensid 600 Detergent. Never use hot water. Handle in rubber or polyethylene buckets only. Acidic materials and fumes will attack metal.

The following dilutions are based on 1 part Tensid 600 Detergent to recommended parts of water.

  • Hard burned pink, salmon and tan brick - 6 parts water
  • Red brick – 6 to 8 parts water
  • Sandstone and other very porous stone – 8 parts water
  • Structural unglazed tiles – 6 parts water
  • Structural and ceramic glazed tile and glazed brick –10-12 parts water
  • Exposed aggregate concrete – 6 parts water
  • Speciality prefaced concrete block and tile – 8 parts water
  • Polished granite (test with extreme care) – 10 parts water
  • Concrete block and clay block – 4 parts water
  • Smooth finish Precast and cast in place concrete – 10 parts water