Teknos Rensa Facade Cleaner

SKU id19600 Non Hazardous
An environmentally friendly and biodegradable detergent for washing external surfaces of buildings.
Available in 1 and 5 Litres
£6.06 (£7.27 Inc VAT)
£6.06 (£7.27 Inc VAT)

Product Description

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Teknos Rensa Facade is an efficient detergent for washing external surfaces of buildings and pre-treating surfaces before painting. It removes dirt, mould, algae growth and other impurities which may weaken the adhesion of the paint.

Best Uses

Teknos Rensa Facade can be used on all constructional surfaces, which endure cleaning with water: wood, concrete, plaster etc. and old painted surfaces. Because the detergent does not harm the most common paint surfaces, it can be used diluted also as a maintenance cleaner.


Dilute RENSA FACADE with water depending on the purpose of its use:

For washing of and pre-treating surface to be painted: 1 : 10 (1 litre of detergent to 10 litres of water) For very dirty/mildewed surfaces: 1 : 1 – 1 : 5

For maintenance cleaning: 1 : 15 – 1 : 20

Wet porous surfaces, such as untreated wood, plaster etc., with water before applying the detergent. This prevents the detergent from absorbing too much and drying too fast. Apply the detergent to the surface to be cleaned by using e.g. a brush or low-pressure spray (so-called garden spray). Let it act for about 20 minutes. Enhance the cleaning effect by brushing. The detergent must not dry on the surface to be cleaned - wet the surface again with the washing fluid, if needed. Rinse the surface thoroughly with clean water. When using a pressure washer avoid excessive wetting of the wooden structures, such as weatherboards and outer walls.

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