Tensid Tavec 100

Non Hazardous
A biodegradable, professional grade multiple layer paint stripper.
Available in 20 Litres
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Product Description

Tensid Tavec 100 is a biodegradable multiple layer paint stripper, formulated for removal of most paint types, including urethanes and other coatings.

Best Uses

Tensid Tavec 100 is a paint stripper suitable for removing most paint types. Capable of removing multiple layers of paint, this biodegradable stripper is ideal for professional removal of coatings.


Protect people and surrounding areas and beware of splashing and wind drift. Mask sensitive areas with tape and plastic sheeting. Apply with a chemical resistant brush. Always test each type of surface to ensure suitability and desired results. Apply test area according to the following application procedures.

Remove loose paint. Apply a uniform coating of Tavec 100 so the paint is no longer visible to a dry surface. Work from the bottom to top. Allow the stripper to remain on the surface for 30 minutes – 24 hours. On multiple layers it may be necessary to remove the lifted layers and re-apply the product. Cover with thin polythene sheeting to improve efficiency. Especially for a long dwell time and multiple layers. Do not allow the product to dry on the surface.

Pressure rinse with water. Hot and super heated water may improve the efficiency of stripping. Alternatively, remove dissolved paint with a spatula and rinse the area thoroughly with clean water. Re-application may be necessary, but ensure the surface is dry, prior to application of the stripper. Do not allow product to come into contact with rubber or plastic.

Technical Details
Substrate Type Coverage
Marble, Travertine, Limestone Polished 1 - 4m2 per litre
Unpolished 1 - 3m2 per litre
Granite Polished 1 - 4m2 per litre
Unpolished 1 - 3m2 per litre
Sandstone Unpolished 1 - 3m2 per litre
Slate Unpolished 1 - 3m2 per litre
Fired Clay Brick, Tile, Terracotta, Pavers 1 - 3m2 per litre
Concrete 1 - 3m2 per litre
Wood 1 - 3m2 per litre
Glass 1 - 4m2 per litre
  • Theoretical coverage: Approximately 2 - 4 m2 per litre. Coverage rates will vary according to the character of the surface.
  • Shelf Life: Tavec 100 may be stored for up to 1 year in a tightly sealed, unopened container, and in a frost free environment.

The manufacturers data sheets are available for download from this website. It is your responsibility to read and understand all aspects of the data sheets before you place an order and prior to application. Please pay special attention to the preparation, mixing and application temperatures of the product, cleaning of substrate and environmental factors such as temperature, rain etc. Quoted coverage rates are based on the manufacturers theoretical rates and may vary depending upon substrates absorption, texture and application. We always recommend a test is carried out to ensure suitability.

Customer further agrees that Promain have no liability for any errors or omissions contained within the Product Data Sheets and are not liable for failure due to misapplication or inadequate substrate cleaning and preparation. For more information please refer to our Terms & Conditions.

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