Dairy Farm Concrete Flooring Paint

Dairy Farm Floor

When it comes to dairy farms barn floors, a common oversight is the quality and slip resistance of flooring. Due to its readily availability, cost effectiveness and self-levelling, concrete is the number one flooring choice for farmers. Promain provide a multitude of floor coatings suitable for the harshness of farm barn environments. Read more about suitable Dairy Farm Concrete Flooring Paint below.

Concrete Flooring Issues

The use of concrete can lead to loss of profit and most importantly lack of comfort for dairy herds. As cows tend to spend an average of 10 hours on their feet, floors of free-stall barns need to be safe for the livestock. Floors tend to be slippery due to waste. Farmers can lay concrete with a texture to improve adhesion. This texture can initially seem to be a solution, but has it’s own pitfalls. Cows hooves can quickly erode due to abrasive floors. It can lead to health issues such as sole ulcer and white-line disease. Without the cows comfort accounted for profit can be down due to lack of milk yield. On the counter, if the concrete floor is too smooth, the herd can be vulnerable to falls due to inadequate footing.

Economic Solutions For Dairy Farm Concrete Flooring

A happy medium between anti slip qualities and smoothness is required. If the floor is too textured hooves are worn down rapidly, and injury can be caused. If the floor is too smooth the herd can slip causing other injuries. Promain’s technical team have a cost effective solution to ensure your animals are safe and your pockets aren’t left empty.

Introducing Chlorinated Rubber Coatings

As most dairy farms have existing barns, farmers that contact our technical team wish to improve herd comfort and ease of maintenance with a paint coating. After research with manufacturers chemists, Promain’s technical team would like to suggest chlorinated rubber paints such as Teamac’s Chlorvar.

You can find chlorinated Rubber coatings on swimming pools floors and walls as well as other marine applications.


  • Suitable for interior and exterior application
  • Outstanding protection against a wide range of chemical and aqueous solutions, particularly acids
  • Waterproof in a wide range of applications
  • Usage on many surfaces including wood, metal, plaster, brick, masonry, GRP (fibreglass)
  • Long lasting gloss finish
  • Applicable by brush, roller or airless spray
  • Available in many colours

The priorities for any coating to be used on concrete in a dairy is a high resistance to chemical cleaners, strong durability to severe corrosive environments and a long live expectancy. Chlorinated rubber is ideal for Dairy Farm Concrete Flooring Paint. This paint is also suitable for changing rooms, gyms, showers and laundries.

Interested in seeing if chlorinated rubber paint is suitable for your Dairy Farm Concrete Flooring Paint? Contact our technical team today on 01462 42133.

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