How To Paint A Garage Floor

Garage Floor Paint

If your garage floor is looking a bit worse for wear with oil, grease and rust stains, you may be considering painting it, but are not sure where to begin. Here we answer some of the many questions regarding how to paint a garage floor, and advise on some of the best products available to help you achieve your goal.

What Is Garage Floor Paint?

Garage Floor Paint is a coating that is used to protect against oil spills and contamination whilst providing an aesthetically pleasing finish.

Often people wonder “Does garage floor paint work?”, this is an understandable question as you are looking to put time and effort into a large project and you want to make sure it will be time and money well spent before parting with your hard earned cash. The simple answer to this question is yes, we believe it is definitely worth protecting all parts of your property and an area that sees a lot of heavy traffic such as a garage floor needs to be looked after and well maintained.

All paints are heavily reliant on preparation. Paints will often fail where preparation and/or application of the product was not correctly executed. Manufacturers details should always be followed and if in any doubt please give our technical team a call for further advice.

Is Garage Floor Paint Durable?

Yes – garage floor paint is very durable. Epoxy paints provide superior abrasion resistance and are more suited towards vehicular traffic. Our range of single pack products are fine for workshop environments.

Does Garage Floor Paint Last?

A common question we hear is “How long does garage floor paint last?” There is no definitive answer to this question, as the length can vary from one product to the next, and the frequency of use in the garage will also have an impact on the overall life of the floor. However as a guide, our full epoxy systems are expected to last 5 years plus, but this of course is based on general wear and tear, and does not include any damages, which could affect the longevity of the product.

Will Garage Floor Paint Work On Wood?

Although as the name suggests this paint is mainly used in garages, we have been asked “can garage floor paint be used on wood?” We can confirm that this paint can indeed be used on wood, however we do recommend that you call our technical team for further advice before proceeding.

Can I Use Garage Floor Paint Outside?

Garage floor paint can be used outside, however we do recommend the addition of anti-slip aggregate to provide extra slip resistance.

Can I Use Garage Floor Paint On Counter tops?

Again this may seem an unusual question, but Rustoleum produce a product that can be used on hard wearing counter tops as well as the garage floor. The product – Rustoleum 4900 Polycoat 2K in clear,  is available in 1 litre tins direct from Promain.

Is Garage Floor Paint Waterproof?

These coatings do offer a water tight membrane, however not all are suitable for constant submersion, or where there is a rising damp issue through the substrate. Therefore please check your requirements to ensure that the paint you choose is suitable for your needs.

Which Garage Floor Paint Is Best To Paint A Garage Floor?

The question on which garage floor paint to use is a tricky one. The best paint for one project may not necessarily  be good enough for another. Some of the factors you will need to consider are the skills of the applicator and the intended use.

We have listed a few of our most popular garage floor paints below to give you an idea of just some of the products we can supply:

Rustoleum Pegakote Floor Paint

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Rust-Oleum Pegakote Epoxy Floor Paint is best used in garages, warehouses, showrooms, corridors, indoor car parks and workshops. It is suitable for use on walls as well as floors and we would advise that this product only be used for indoor applications.

Recommended for use on floors that are subjected to heavy abrasion as the product provides very good abrasion resistance and has excellent anti slip properties. Rust-Oleum Pegakote has been used for painting large indoor car parks.

Features Technical Details
  • Low odour
  • Easy to clean
  • Exceptional abrasion resistance
  • Apply by brush, roller or airless spray
  • Available in the Colour Shop range of over 35,000 colours
  • 2 pack Epoxy Floor Paint
  • Touch dry in 9 hours
  • Full hardness 1 week
  • Semi-gloss finish
  • Theoretical Coverage: 4m2 per kg per coat
  • Available in 4 and 15 Kg tins


PPG SigmaCover 2

PPG SigmaCover 2
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PPG SigmaCover 2 has been specially manufactured as a professional coating for use on bridges, tank exteriors, containers, oil tanks and bunds. It is also ideal for use in warehouses and garage floors.

PPG SigmaCover 2 is commonly used for London Underground projects. and is ideal for chemical and fuel bunds.  It can be applied at temperatures down to zero degrees Celsius.

Features Technical Details
  • Provides corrosion protection in industrial environments
  • Resists acids, alkalis, solvents, spillages and fumes
  • Can be over coated with a range of top coats if required
  • Ideal for use in warehouses
  • Low-temperature curing down to
    0°C (32°F)
  • High Solids, low VOC
  • Compatible with prepared damp surfaces
  • Theoretical coverage 8.5m2 per litre at 100 microns based on a smooth non porous surface such as metal

Sika Sikafloor 264

Sikafloor 264 garage floor paint
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Sika SikaFloor-264 is a two part, economic, coloured industrial epoxy resin floor paint for maintenance workshops, garages and loading ramps

Generally for use on areas such as car park, garage or workshop floors, it delivers a superb gloss showroom finish to any concrete or screed surface.

Features Technical Details
  • Recommended for use on garages and workshops
  • Suitable for normal and medium to heavy wear areas
  • Offers a heavy duty gloss finish
  • East application
  • Slip resistant surface option
  • Economical
  • Good chemical, mechanical and abrasion resistance
  • Liquid Proof
  • Theoretical Coverage: 3.3m2 to 4.0m2 per kg per coat
  • Available in many RAL and British Standard colours
  • Available in 10 and 30 Kg packs

How Much Garage Floor Paint Do I Need?

This will depend on both the size of the garage and the coverage rate of your chosen product. Promain provide technical data sheets for all of our floor paints, and these will tell you the theoretical coverage rate for each one. Our technical team are always happy to help and advise on how much product you will need. If you can provide details of the size of the area you are covering and the condition of the substrate, they will be happy to talk you through the most suitable products and the amount required, so you can be sure of getting it right first time. Please contact us for more information on quantities regarded for how paint a garage floor with Promain.

How To Apply Garage Floor Paint

As with all painting projects the key is in the preparation. Make sure that the surface is clean, dry and clear of any damage.  You will also need to pay particular attention to the floor temperature. If the concrete temperature is too low the product will not get a good bond. In comparison you also do not want to choose a day with high humidity.

Bear in mind that the air temperature is not necessarily the same as the floor temperature.

Line the bottom of the walls with tape to prevent splashes.  Have a plan of action ready, you will want to start in one corner and lead back towards the door, the last thing you want to do is to find yourself painted in to a corner with no way out! Definitely not a sensible way with how to paint a garage floor!

How Long For Garage Floor Paint To Dry?

Again this will depend on the chosen product. Different floor paints have different drying times, in addition the temperature of the concrete will also be a factor. As a general rule, garage floor paint usually dries in 24 hours, but should not be walked on for at least 2-3 days. When planning the work please bear in mind that the paint can actually take around 6-7 days to fully cure.

Why Is My Garage Floor Paint Peeling?

Providing that you have done the correct preparation and followed the manufacturers instructions, your garage floor paint should not peel or flake. If you are finding that the floor is peeling this would unfortunately be down to incorrect preparation and/or application. The only way to resolve this issue  would be to remove the paint back to the bare surface and start the preparation and application again.

Sometimes people will ask how to seal garage floor paint, believing that this will prevent the paint from peeling, however as we have mentioned above, with the correct preparation and application flaking should not happen.  Therefore the only reason that you should need to seal the paint, is if you are using decorative flakes. For this we do have clear sealer’s available. Please contact us for more information in regards the best practices for how paint a garage floor with Promain.

How To Remove Garage Floor Paint

If you already have an existing coating on the floor you may want to know how to get garage floor paint off. For this you will need either a mechanical floor grinder or, the coating can be removed with blast cleaning.

Where Can I Buy Garage Floor Paint?

As mentioned earlier Promain have a large range of floor paints, many of which are available for next day delivery. We also have a a technical team with extensive knowledge who are there to help provide information on both the products and application should you need it. Make your Summer project to paint a garage floor with Promain.

How Much Does Garage Floor paint cost?

All of the products supplied by Promain are of the highest standard, they are not cheap floor paints, meaning that you can know you can buy in confidence. We have a full range of varying prices suitable for everybody’s needs, so we are sure that we can find the right paint to suit  both your needs and your budget. Visit our web shop today.

For more information on Garage Floor Paint, view our product category here. Alternatively, for any further information on any of our other products please contact us today. Paint a garage floor today with Promain!

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