Introducing The Advantages of Black Barn Paint

As a leading barn paint stockist to the UK, Promain would like to introduce the advantages of Black Barn Paint to our customers. Barn paint has now become one of the fastest selling products we offer, due to it’s number of benefits over alternatives. Below we will explain the benefits of black barn paint over its peers such as creosote, and discuss why black barn paint could be ideal for your projects.

Black Barn Paint

Introducing Bedec Barn Paint

bedec barn paintBedec Barn Paint is a water based paint that is not only easy to apply but offers resistance against mould and mildew caused by plants and damp environments. Bedec Black Barn Paint is a water based acrylic coating that can be applied to new timber, though tanilised timber needs to be sanded before application of the Barn Paint. This product can also be applied to existing paint, stains metal, plastic, concrete and even Creosote.

This product also protects the wood from the damaging UV sun rays. This black barn paint is environmentally friendly making it a reliable paint for your exterior wood projects.

The Flexibility of Bedec Barn Paint

This black barn and fence paint offers unique flexibility. This flexibility therefore reduces the risk of cracking and flaking when timber expands and contracts as the seasons change. You will find that timber absorbs moisture from the air when the humidity is high. This process therefore makes the wood expand and shrinks again as the wood becomes warm as it dries out. Because of this, any applied paint needs to move with the timber. Most oil based paints are unable to achieve this movement. Promain would recommend the use of water based acrylics as they offer much greater flexibility.

Application of Bedec Barn Paint

Bedec Barn Paint is easy to apply by brush or roller. Being incredibly versatile, it can be applied to a wide range of exterior surfaces including previously coated wood, metal, plastic, concrete, weatherboard, gates and fencing. We find our customers usually purchase the Bedec Black Barn Paint 5 litre tins as it is easier to manage when either climbing up a ladder or scaffolding. Promain are also able to supply many of the colours in 20 litre tins making it easier for airless spray application.


Best Black Barn Paint Finishes

Customers often ask Promain’s technical team what is the best black barn paint? Many professionals and consumers regard the Bedec Barn Paint Black Satin as the best finish for barn paint. This is due to it shedding water and moisture better than the Matt Barn Paint. Therefore, satin should last longer. Bedec Barn Paint however is available in matt (matte) black barn paint, satin black barn paint and gloss black barn paint finishes. The gloss barn paint finish probably will last longer however as the smooth surface allows water to run off faster. This reduces the chance that water may damage the wood.

Many home owners, councils and conservation officers require to replicate the finish of Creosote. Due to this, the matte finish is the best barn paint. Matt Bedec Barn Paint is by far the most popular finish Promain sell for this reason. If you are looking at alternatives, ensure to remember there is normally a reason why a paint is cheap. With Promain you get what you pay for with quality over cheap barn paint products.

Why Not Use Creosote Barn Paint?

Traditionally barns and other wooden cladding, fences, doors etc were treated with Creosote. Since April 2003, retailers are no longer allowed to sell creosote and coal tar creosote wood preservatives to the general public. This means that the general public can no longer legally use creosote and coal tar creosote wood preservatives in Great Britain.

National legislation will continue to need approval under the Control of Pesticides Regulations (COPR) before they can be advertised, sold, supplied, stored or used in the UK. There are restrictions on the use of creosote and creosote treated wood imposed under the REACH regulation EC No. 1907/2006. This is why you may have had trouble looking for creosote for sale!



Barn Paint Vs Creosote

Creosote was very popular many years ago mainly because it was regarded as a cheap black barn paint. The main issue while the product was in circulation was that creosote tended to only last a year or two before a further application was required. Creosote was used as a method of stopping wood from being attack from insects as well as water damage. Creosote has been known to have old engine oil containing hydrocarbons added to the formula to stop damp rotting fence posts. For application, creosote could only be applied to bare timber or over old creosote.

Serious Long Term Hazard SystemA benefit of Bedec Barn Paint, is that water based barn paint can be applied over existing coatings such as paint, stains as well as old existing creosote. Creosote does give off a strong smell that last for many days.

Creosote however, is not only harmful to plants and animals but will cause skin irritation to humans also. Even brief exposure to large amounts of coal tar creosote may result in health issues. These issues can include a rash or severe irritation of the skin, chemical burns of the surfaces of the eye, convulsions and mental confusion, kidney or liver problems, unconsciousness, or even death.

In hindsight, it is obvious why creosote has been banned from domestic use!


Falun Barn Paint

Promain’s technical team are often asked for Falun Black Barn Paint. Falun barn paint was a red paint dating back to approximately 850AD. It is a deep red paint, well known for its use on wooden cottages and barns. The deep red colour of Falu Röd is still popular in Sweden and Finland today.

Many other companies produce their own red colours in more modern paint. However, the original process still has a large market share. Today, you don’t mix up the paint yourself. You can buy Falun in large buckets similar to other paints, but it is no longer a cheap black Barn Paint.

Looking to find out more about the history of Falun Red Barn Paint? Read The Local Sweden’s article all about Sweden’s Colourful Cottages.


Linseed Oil Black Barn Paint


The Traditional Paint Company have developed a Linseed Oil Barn Paint that is water soluble. This allows the paint  to dry much quicker than a pure linseed oil paint which can take days to dry.

This paint dries to a pleasing dead matt finish to replicate lime wash and creosote. However, it is far more flexible and will last longer. This more traditional barn paint can be tinted to many modern colours. Fashionable colours today include light and dark grey, heritage colours as well as matt black.

Linseed Oil can be found here on our website.


Pottery Barn Paint

This seems to be a term that has come from the USA and has nothing to do with painting the outside of a barn or other wooden building. Pottery barn paint as a phrase refers to furniture that has been given a distressed look. This process is typically done by applying an acrylic paint. Barn Paint can be used for distressing, but it does not have that chalky finish that is associated with this look.

If you are looking to recreate this look we would recommend you try the Rustoleum Chalky Finish Furniture Paint.

After applying the furniture paint, the paint is lightly sanded to give furniture that shabby chic look. A coat of the Rust-Oleum Furniture Finishing Wax is then applied to protect the surface. This will also provide a smoother, silkier feel as well as helping to protect the surface from stains and scratches.

Rustoleum Chalky Finish Furniture Paint is available in a much greater range of interior domestic shades than the industrial shades of Bedec Barn Paint.

Matching Pottery Barn Black Paint

We are asked do Promain supply a matching pottery barn black paint finish, or Kentucky black barn paint, or even tractor supply black barn paint. The answer is we are able to tint a large range of our water and solvent borne paints to more than 30,000 colours. Our warehouse has extensive tinting facilities processed in house by our qualified tinting team. If you prefer, we offer a colour matching service where we scan your colour and create your own unique colour for you.


Do you have any before and after photos of your black barn paint projects? Email us to have them mentioned on our website! Promain‘s team are always excited to see how our customers use our paint products. Showing off your projects also helps future customers be inspired for their own projects. Alternatively, contact us today for further information on barn paint or other industrial paints.

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