Black Fence Paint & Stain Guide

Black Fence Paint

In recent years, black fence paint has become a staple in UK gardens. Creating a dramatic backdrop to garden greenery, black fence paint adds a modern, clean look to your outdoor space. As Promain sell such a vast range of paint for wood, you can be forgiven for not seeing the wood for the trees – pardon the pun! If you are looking to paint your garden fence black, Promain would like to discuss the best black fence paints available in our in depth article.

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Should I Paint my Fence Black?

Black surfaces, especially in the garden are becoming a popular choice, whilst it’s a bold choice, it’s a lot more versatile than what people think. Here we take a look at the reasons why you should consider painting your fence black, from a dark border for your exterior space, to adding a contemporary element to your garden, a black fence can really finish off the layout of your garden.

If you’re looking to frame your garden, then consider dark fencing, a black fence will provide much more definition than a lighter colour. Dark colours can help to create a cosy look for your garden, but it’s important to consider the size of your outside space as sometimes, black and dark colours can overwhelm it. Black fencing can clearly mark out areas across the garden, for example a seating area, or it can be used to highlight raised flower beds, a striking and bold garden feature.

Black Fence Paint Ideas

Due to blacks perfect dramatic contrast to foliage, no matter the size of your garden, front or back, black can add a fresh look instantly. We would really recommend black fence paint – it’s incredibly enjoyable to see how your plant colours pop making them beautifully highlighted.

Not convinced with whether you should paint your fence black? Take a look at our examples of inspirational black paint for timber fence below that will get you itching to pull out your paint brushes and give your tired garden fences a modern update:

Black Fence Promain

What Is The Best Black Fence Paint?

Ask anyone in our offices, and you can guarantee if asked which is the best black fence paint Promain sell there will only be one answer. We would like to introduce Bedec Barn Paint to anyone looking to paint their fence, no matter the colour. Good news for customers looking for black fence though, Promain can offer a discounted price on matt black!

bedec barn paintBedec Barn Paint is an ideal fence paint for feather edge, waney edge, metal and plastic cladding, fencing, exterior wood, metal, brick and concrete. Bedec Barn Paint is a not only a perfect solution for the protection of exterior buildings such as barns or stables but it is also highly recommended for coating fencing and gates.

This black fence paint can be applied to previously painted surfaces. It can also go over weathered bitumen, tar, varnish and creosote.

Bedec Barn Paint vs Competitors

As our most frequently reviewed product on our website, you can take our customers word for the quality of Bedec Barn Paint. Here’s a few black fence paint reviews:

“Used on fence panels and concrete posts looks amazing. It’s a thick paint but went on easily enough. Let’s hope it wears well if it does I shall be doing front fences and the summer house”


“Bedec Barn paint is excellent my fences and shed look fabulous in this black paint”

Sharan O

“Very efficient fence paint. Saves time not having to undercoat and covers wonderfully and wash brushes with water, can’t fault it.”

Jeff F

Not content with customers reviews? Bedec have a long standing experiment where they have left their black Bedec Barn Paint on external fencing over a number of years. After an amazing 4 years of application you will be looking to recoat the paint. More than likely at that point though you might want a different colour!

Check out the samples below to see how amazing Bedec Barn Paint is on fencing:


Black Fence Paint For Metal Fences & Railings

Are you are looking to apply some paint your metal railings to refresh them?

Promain have a large selection of quality anti corrosive coatings found here:

Black FenceDesigned to be UV resistant, and curing at low temperatures, Promain supply Centrecoat Fast Dry Gloss as a staple for street furniture, lighting columns and more across the UK to both end users and councils. This paint is resistant to weathering and salt spray. This makes it ideal for coastal locations or protection from road salts used in gritting.

Centrecoat Fast Dry Gloss is ideal as a black paint for iron fences, black paint for metal fence, black paint for pipe fence, black paint for steel fence or black paint for galvanized fence.

How to Paint a Wooden Fence Black?

When it comes to painting your wooden fence black, we recommend that you choose a wood paint that has been specially formulated for this. It will need to be durable, tough and a surface that can be wiped clean. If you use a primer or undercoat on the fence before you paint, this can help to increase the lifespan of the wood. Therefore you won’t need to repaint it as often.

There are hundreds of products out there suited for use on exterior wood. They have all been designed to be weather resistant and highly durable. Many of them tend to be oil based paints. However we recommend checking the product information first. This will include the intended use of the paint or stain. You can also use treatments or colours that are for timber. Most paint and stain colours will have been specially created to colour and protect timber and wood including fence, sheds and other wooden garden items.

While it may sound obvious, we advise that you make sure that you choose a paint or stain that will be suitable for exterior use, as well as buying enough to cover the entire area of fence. Some people choose to use paint sprayed which is a great option, but you will need to check that the black fence paint is suitable for use in the sprayer. You should also test the black fence paint first as well. You can do this by applying a small amount of colour to an area of the fence and checking it first.

Yes you can, while chain link fences make a great fence for dogs and animals, they are also useful for keeping wildlife out of gardens. You may choose to paint the chain link black to help make it blend in with your exterior area. You can buy chain link fences that will already be coated, but you may want to paint it black yourself. Painting the chain link fence will involve a number of steps. This includes, letting the fence oxidize in the weather for a couple of months before you paint it. You can also coat the chain link fence in vinegar to speed up the oxidizing process.

If your chain link fence isn’t new, then before painting it black you will need to remove the rust and flaking paint on the fence with a wire brush. You will also need to use a oil based primer. These are designed for metal. After you have primed it, it will be ready for coating with your black chain link fence paint.

So, if you are asking where to buy black fence paint hopefully we have narrowed down the options for you. If you need any further advice though, please contact our technical team on 01462 421333.

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