No Rest for the Wicked – Bedec Barn Paint To The Rescue

No Rest For The Wicked

A couple of weekends ago, I took the kids away for the weekend in the New Forest to see their grandma who lives there. Whilst in the garden, the next door neighbour Jack started to talk to me about the ‘good old days’. After providing an in-depth history of the past 30 years of my life and the fact that I had left the tyre and exhaust company where I worked to work for Promain, the UK’s leading paint distributors in Hitchin. Jack started to tell me all the horrific painting stories he had. They don’t sound like the ‘good old days’ to me. Mostly because he had failed to carry out the correct preparation along with using cheap paint which flaked off and peeled.

Bedec Barn Paint to the Rescue!

Jack then asked me to look at the picket fence that ran between his and grandma’s garden. He said that he had coated it with various stains and paints purchased for several of the big sheds and it had failed. He was certainly disappointed that he had wasted a lot of money! I mentioned a great paint that we sell at Promain, the Bedec Barn Paint.  This water based acrylic paint is able to be applied directly to most surfaces. This includes those with creosote, old paint or wood stain. General preparation followed by a good jet wash with time to dry and you are ready to paint.

Jack called me on Tuesday afternoon and ordered 5 litres of Bedec Barn Paint in white, which he purchased and received the very next day by FedEx.

How Did It Turn Out?

Well, to my surprise, I received an e-mail on Monday morning from Jack. Attached were some before and after shots of the fence. He had cleaned and applied one coat thinned with 30% water. This helps the paint soak into the wood and gives it much greater adhesion. This stops the following coats from flaking and blistering. He then proceeded to apply 2 undiluted coat of the Barn Paint; as you can see, he has done a fabulous job. He is so pleased with the result he is telling all his neighbours about the ‘Best Thing Since Sliced Bread’. A clear case of Bedec Barn Paint to the rescue! Now, they are asking my grandma when I’m next going down to see her, and if I can pop around to their house to give them some advice on the best paint to use.

Picket Fence with Bedec Barn Paint Picket Fence After Application of Bedec Barn Paint

If you have a project that you need advice on, try calling the guys in the technical department at Promain. Alternatively send them some photos of your project, so they can take a look and advise accordingly.

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