Tips for Painting your Driveway

Everyone wants the front of their house to look good, but sometimes it’s not as simple to do as in interior of your house and the exterior can often be neglected. These mistakes may not seem important to some people, but when considering that the front of the house is the first thing that a buyer will see, it’s a small issue to think about.

Every home owner, especially those who are selling their homes, should pay attention to the curb appeal of their home, as that’s one of the things that will significantly increase your home value. One of the things we recommend doing that won’t break the bank, is painting your driveway. Not only will your house look nicer, but a fresh coat of paint will also reduce concrete cracking and chipping, meaning that the driveway will last longer.

There’s some things that you’ll need to know if you want to do it properly and achieve the maximum effect. Most of them are quite easy and don’t need an professional skills, so there’s no excuse for not doing them. Here’s what you need to do for your freshly painted driveway.

Prep the surface

Before you apply a fresh coat of paint, make sure that the surface is clean, this will make it easier to use a leaf blower than a broom or brush. Once you’ve removed all of dirt from the driveway, give it a good wash using a pressure washer. If there’s still some stains, apply a degreaser and follow the manufactures instructions.

Once the driveway is completely dry, inspect it for cracks before painting it, needless to say it would be very unwise to pick a day when rain or snow are expected, since you’d waste your time. Ideally you need dry weather and preferably a couple of warm days.

Dealing with cracks

Many driveways have not be repaired recently which means there’s likely to be some dents, chips or cracks. You need to remove any small pieces from holes, which you might need a hammer for. Once you’ve done this use a wire brush to crack the surface before switching on the leaf blower again.

Repairing cracks

If a crack is small then you can use a concrete repair caulk, fill the hole and smooth the caulk. On the other hand, a bigger hole should be filled with a premixed mortar, once the surface is dry, make sure that its smooth and level.

Finally – painting time

Follow the instructions for preparing and applying the selected epoxy paint, we suggest you use a nap roller to distribute the first coat thinly and evenly across small sections of the surface. Make sure the section edges overlap, so that you get a seamless paint coat.

You might also want to use quality line marketing paint to mark the edges of the driveway. That’s enough for the day! You can leave your driveway to dry overnight before you apply the next coat the next day.


It’s good to avoid walking across a freshly painted driveway for at least 24 hours. Try to park your car somewhere else for the next few days. Otherwise there will be smears all over your driveway. The longer you allow epoxy paint to dry, the better the results. Naturally apart from the equipment mentioned, you’ll also need appropriate protective clothes and goggles whilst working on this project.

Should you not feel comfortable carrying this out, then you can always turn to a professional who’ll do it for you. Alternatively, you may feel that your driveway is past a spruce up and that you need a brand new driveway installation, there’s lots of driveway installers out there who’ll ensure you receive a quality driveway installation.