Driveways and Patio Paint

The Easter weekend is around the corner and it’s often the weekend that signals the start of maintenance and cleaning projects in the house and garden.  Taking advantage of the lighter days and longer weekend, it affords the possibility of tackling and completing a realm of tasks, with a focus towards the warmer weather and lengthening days.  One such task is the cleaning and renovation of paths and driveways.

Gone are the days of a ‘simple’ choice between concrete and crazy paving. There is now a whole spectrum of finishes, designs and substrates. Can the phrase ‘keeping up with the neighbours’ ring true here?

For this reason, it is hardly surprising that Promain have such a good range of driveway and patio paints. With paints that can be used to restore and protect paths and driveways, it’s a simple process to renovate existing surfaces and maintain a newly laid finish, for a longer period of time.


The essentials start with a product to clean the driveway or path. At Promain, we are big fans of the CentreCoat GS36 Fungicidal Wash. This is an economical and versatile cleaning solution that gives a big springboard to the next stages of driveway maintenance.


CentreCoat Professional Driveway Restorer is ideal for asphalt and concrete surfaces. It’s a solvent based resin which provides an attractive soft sheen finish on tarmac or block paving and a gloss appearance on imprinted concrete. Together with a choice of six tintable shades and a hard wearing surface, CentreCoat Professional Driveway Restorer provides, quite simply, the ability to restore your driveway to a high quality, professional standard.

CentreCoat All Surface Protector is the perfect way to ensure your driveway’s protected against stains and general wear and tear. It seals the surface of a range of substrates including granite, marble, sandstone and concrete. Repelling both oil and water damage, stopping chewing gum from sticking to the surface and eliminating the growth of moss and algae. Additionally, CentreCoat All Surface Protector can be used for the protection of both interior and exterior surfaces.

The CentreCoat products are all chosen for being high quality products that are trusted to do the job – and next in the CentreCoat Driveway portfolio is the waterbased Driveway Paint. A waterbased paint which enhances the appearance of tarmac, concrete and asphalt and provides an anti-slip finish.

Finally, the water based CentreCoat SuperSealer – and the solvent based CentreCoat Imprinted Concrete Block Paving Restorer Sealer.

Block Paving and Patio Sealer
Block Paving and Patio Sealer

CentreCoat SuperSealer strengthens and maintains paving, whilst CentreCoat Imprinted Concrete Block Paving Restorer Sealer helps to prevent efflorescence. Both of these products bond and stabilise the sand joints and resist the growth of weeds.


The Promain Team are able to offer customers the means to protect and ensure that their driveways look as good as new, for as long as possible.

Promain only sell products that we know we can trust. We like to combine quality products with a great price tag. We also aim to provide a complete customer satisfaction package.

Our range of driveway paints provide everything you need to make sure that you have the correct product and ensure that your expensive driveway is in tip top condition.

It can be disheartening to see your brand new driveway begin to look weathered and worn. However, that doesn’t have to be the case if you contact Promain. We will ensure that you receive the correct products for an accurate result. Offering an excellent balance between performance and cost.

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