Guide For Removing Oil From Driveways

A few days ago, Ben in Promain‘s technical team was contacted by an elated customer wanting to thank him. The customer had recently had a new blockwork driveway installed, and to her horror had found her car had leaked oil over the new brickwork. Ben had suggested the customer use Oil Technics OT8 for removing oil from the driveway.

The lady received the goods next day and quickly got to working on the driveway once the weather had cleared.

Introducing Oil Technics OT8 Driveway Cleaner

Oil RemoverOil Technics OT8 Driveway Cleaner cleans oil stains, grease and hydrocarbon products from floors, road surfaces, forecourts, driveways (except tarmac) and equipment. OT8 is a biological oil stain remover. It will rapidly removes and digests oil stains from hard surfaces and porous block work.  It uses enhanced bacterial degradation to remove oil, grease and other hydrocarbon products.

This product contains a blend of biological enzymes and bacteria to digest and remove oil stains. This removal of the oil quickly offers a clean and natural looking surface again.

Removing Oil From Driveways With OT8

You can use Driveway Cleaner for manual cleaning using scrubbers, brushes, cloths or rags. This will ensure removal of all stains and residues. Available in 5 litre tubs, Driveway Cleaner is a cost effective way of manual cleaning without hiring an industrial cleaner or buying a machine. Oil Technics OT8 Driveway Cleaner has an application rate of approximately 1m sq. – 2.5m sq. per litre, depending on surface porosity and soiling.  Depending on the level of contamination, you may need to apply the product a few times. This is the best solution for removing oil from driveways.

Will this Cleaner Work on All Driveway Types?

Oil Technics OT8 Driveway Cleaner is best used for on porous blockwork driveways and patios for the removal of tough stains. Due to the nature of tarmac driveways, this product is not suitable for tarmac substrates. If you are looking for a driveway cleaner designed for tarmac, see Oil Technics Bio TA Oil Stain Remover.

Oil Technics OT8 Driveway Cleaner is also ideal to clean off any oil residue prior to application of Rustoleum Asphalt Restorer, driveway paint or Rustoleum Tarmacoat 6100 Asphalt & Tarmac Paint.

Customer Review

Hi Ben

I phoned yesterday about a product for my drive which was left very oily in patches from a car. This was a newly laid drive.  I was very upset as this drive cost quite a bit.

Speaking to a young lady and yourself, you recommended Oil Technics Driveway Cleaner OT8.  I used this product this morning and must say there is not a patch of oil left on the drive!

This has made my day and I will definitely be coming back to you for some more of that product in the future. Ordinary pressure washing was no good- what I did was pressure wash first to make the area wet.  Then I poured the liquid neat onto the drive and brushed that in until it was all absorbed.

I then went and made a cuppa. After 30 minutes I just hosed off the product and all of the oil had disappeared.

I attach a before and after picture and am really happy.  Thank you so much!


Promain have a wide selection of driveway and patio cleaners suitable for a multitude of substrates. To find out more, view our shop: Cleaners For Driveways and Patios. Promain also sell a wide range of driveway paints found here. If you need any further advice, email our technical team here via our contact page here.

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