Promain are suppliers of Industrial Paints and Surface Coatings and have been offering the Centrecoat range of paints for many years. Promain has been established for over 30 years, matching the best paints and surface coating technology with the very best levels of service supplying quality industrial paint products throughout the UK.
We pride ourselves on our knowledge of the Centrecoat materials and technologies available in the paint and surface coatings industry.

We offer a unique and professional service by specifying and helping companies and individuals find the correct paints, surface coatings and concrete repair materials for their needs. Within this range you will find Anti-Slip Paint, Metal Paint, Playground Paint, Driveway and Patio Paint, Cladding Paints, Hygiene Paint, and Line Marking Paint and Thermosplastic Lines.


Centrecoat Anti-Slip Health & Safety

Centrecoat Metal

Centrecoat Metal Paints

Cleaners and Restorers

Cleaners and Restorers

Centrecoat Playground

Centrecoat Playground Thermoplastics


Driveways Patio

Centrecoat Driveways & Patio


Centrecoat Hygiene Paints


Centrecoat Line Marking Paint & Tools


Centrecoat Line Marking Thermoplastics


Centrecoat MMA

Centrecoat MMA Range


Centrecoat Floor Coatings


Centrecoat Line Marking Stencils

Centrecoat Misc

Specialist Coatings & Ancillaries