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Hygiene control is a major concern for many industry sectors such as healthcare, food and beverage production, pharmaceutical, leisure, educational facilities, prisons and retail. Centrecoat Anti-bacterial coatings are formulated to help prevent the spread of harmful bacteria as well as ‘superbugs' such as E.coli and MHSA. Centrecoat Anti-Bacterial coatings go further than conventional hygienic coating's ability to be merely ‘cleanable' by also inhibiting the growth of micro-organisms. Centrecoat Anti-Bacterial coatings are produced using the patented Silver-ion Technology that complies with ISO 22196 standards offering hygiene and bactericidal protection of interior doors, walls and ceilings to help maintain a hygienic environment.

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  1. Centrecoat Aqua Anti-Bacterial Hygiene
    Centrecoat Aqua Anti-Bacterial Hygiene

    Anti Bacterial Hygiene paint for hospitals, kitchens, schools, vets, food preparation areas, prisons and restaurants.

    From £68.78 £57.32
  2. Centrecoat 2 Pack PU Hygiene Coating
    Centrecoat 2 Pack PU Hygiene Coating

    A water-based satin gloss 2K hygienic polyurethane for a very durable and colour fast finish on metal or wood.

    From £175.92 £146.60
  3. Centrecoat Ultra Two-Pack Hygiene Coating
    Centrecoat Ultra Two-Pack Hygiene Coating

    A 2 pack durable and abrasive resistant anti-bacterial coating for use on walls and floors in areas where bacteria control is essential.

    From £78.94 £65.78

3 Items

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These coatings include Centrecoat Aqua and Centrecoat Ultra our two pack epoxy resin paint that offers an extra degree of wear making it ideally suited for floors and high wear anti slip additive can be added to create a low slip coating.

Both coatings offer very high opacity plus fast overcoating times and Low VOC as well as being almost odourless making it an ideal product for areas that require a fast retum to service. Centrecoat Ultra is also an extremely abrasive and chemically resistant paint. Centrecoat Aqua is a tough anti-bacterial acrylic resin based coating designed for application on walls and ceilings in low wear areas made of various substrates such as plaster, concrete, timber, cement render, previously painted surfaces and many more.

This Hygiene coating is available in matt and satin varnish and Promain are able to produce it in approximately 25000+ colours and with the recent purchase of a colour spectrometer we are able to match almost any colour you require.