Centrecoat Line Marking Stencils

Centrecoat Line marking stencils are ideal for creating a professional finish to any signage or road marking project.  Made from a flexible and durable plastic, these line markings stencils are easily cleanable, and can be used again and again allowing for a consistent appearance from one job to the next. A wide range of paints can be used with these high-quality stencils, most contractors prefer the Centrecoat ST1 Water Based Line Marking Paint because solvents are not required to clean up, just water.  This can be used on a variety of surfaces to include Tarmac, asphalt, concrete, block paving and existing paint products.  Promain offer a wide range of designs in various sizes, also, bespoke designs can be produced to your specification, just call and we will be happy to help.

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