Protect Your Property With Anti Climbing Paint

In the past, property owners would use broken bottles cemented to the top of their boundary walls to prevent intruders from gaining access. In the below article Promain’s technical team would like to introduce anti climbing paint and how it can protect your property.

What Is Anti Climb Paint?

You might be asking yourself what is anti vandal paint or anti vandal grease. Anti climb paint is a thick glutinous coating formulated to prevent forced entry as a last minute intruder deterrent. When applied, anti climbing paint will give a similar appearance to a smooth gloss paint. If an intruder tries to climb up an area that has been coated, they will quickly realise the paint is not as they would expect. Due to the slippery nature of anti vandal paint, intruders are unable to gain a good foothold for climbing.

Property owners can apply anti climbing paint to many substrates such as brick, cement renders, wood, metal and roof tiles. You can even use anti climb paint for fences. You can also use anti climb paint in the fight against copper cable theft, lead theft and many other metals.

How Does Anti Climbing Paint Work?

Anti climb paint is a very heavy coating – around 3mm thick. On the outside edge, the coating will develop a skin – similar to the skin you find on custard that has cooled down. Beneath this skin, the paint is still wet. When an intruder grabs onto a pole or wall with a layer of this paint, the paint’s skin is breached. This causes the wet underlying paint to get on the intruders hands, feet or clothing. Therefore, when you do apply anti climb paint, do not use your favourite paint brush! It is best just to use a disposable brush and throw it away after use. We would also recommend to use gloves and apply the paint with the utmost care.

Promain’s Anti Climbing Paints

Via our website, Promain have a huge range of quality anti climb paint.

One of our most popular anti vandal paints is Coo-Var’s C264 Vandalene Anti-Climb Paint. Coo-Var’s Vandalene is an innovative coating that you can use on any area with a point of grip for intruders to gain unauthorised access. This easy to apply product is an ideal solution for preventing burglars from gaining unauthorised admission to a building. Furthermore, due to the fact that the product contains a tracer, this coating will help police trace where the perpetrator has been.

Coo-Var C264 Vandalene is available in various colours, so you can blend in the colour into your surroundings.

As alternatives, we also have Blackfriar’s Non Drying Anti Vandal Paint and FLAG’s Anti-Climb Paint.

View our full range of Anti-Climbing Paints here >>

How Can I Remove Anti Climb Paint

Oh dear. Are you looking for guidance on anti climb paint removal? Look no further. As you have probably found, anti climbing paint is formulated to be extremely difficult to remove from hands. It is also nearly impossible to remove from clothing, so do not expect a miracle!

Depending on the formulation of the anti climb paint we recommend the following methods to clean up.

Firstly, attempt to remove the paint with white spirit. If white spirit doesn’t make a difference try an oil remover such as Oil Technics OT8. Otherwise, our chemists recommend Centrecoat R10 Paint Stripper. Apply R10 to the whole contaminated area and allow the paint stripper to work. The working time will be dependent on the formulation of the anti climb paint, how aged it is, and ambient temperature. As a guide we suggest allowing the clothes to sit in the paint stripper for around 40-60 minutes. After this time has passed, check the effect of the paint stripper. If it looks like it has worked as expected, clean the surface afterwards using white or mineral spirits to clean up the surface residue.

Further Ways To Protect Your Premises

Promain also provide a huge range of anti graffiti paint solutions to further protect your property.

If your premises regularly suffer from graffiti or flyposters, Promain’s technical team recommend the use of Glixtone PL13 or Glixtone Tough-Cote PL16. As regular suppliers to councils throughout the UK, Promain distribute these specialist coatings for use on exterior masonry in public places. For example, we recently supplied Glixtone PL16 anti graffiti textured coating to a council in Scotland for application around lamp posts to prevent sticker graffiti. This innovative textured coating prevents the adhesion of flyposters during its full lifespan. Some users have also applied this product to the green internet access cabinets found along roads.

For under paths or walkways with commissioned artwork, Promain suggest the sealing of the design with a transparent product such as Keim’s Wax Sacrificial Coating 694. This semi permanent finish allows for the removal of graffiti via high pressure sprayer or by using KEIM Wax Coating Graffiti Cleaner.

For high-end users such as councils, we would propose protecting any artwork with PPG PSX 700A Clearcoat. PPG PSX 700A Clearcoat is a two component polysiloxane clear coat product that has been specifically manufactured to work at a high level, making it superior to all other conventional polyurethane clear coat products. PSX 700A Clearcoat offers excellent weathering and UV resistance, while maintaining a quality gloss finish. As a case study, Promain’s technical team specified PSX 700A Clear Coat at Thorpe Park on one of the splash rides. This premium product can withstand constant abuse, UV damage and the effects of water. Read more about the case study here:

For general anti graffiti protection, we would recommend Coo-var Anti Graffiti Clear Glaze Lacquer Kit. This product reduces a surface’s absorbency to ensures an easier method of cleaning and removing unwanted graffiti.

Other tools on the market to protect your property include anti climb rollers and security cameras.


If you have any questions regarding anti climb paint contact our technical team on 01462 421333. For our full range of property protection, take a look at these paint categories:

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