Rust-Oleum Anti Graffiti Paint

As Graffiti is becoming an increasing problem in cities and towns especially in areas such as the underground and trains Rustoleum now offer a range of colourless water based and solvent bourn Anti-graffiti paint coatings formulated to make the removal of graffiti quicker and more efficiently than many other coatings. Pegagraff Hydro is a two component water bourn polyurethane UV acrylic paint that offers easy application. GraffitiShield is part or a new generation ultra thin Nano technology coating that covers up to 30m2 per litre. Graffitishield is ideal for use on dense substrates such as Formica, plastic, stainless steel, perspex and even powder coating. Graffiti Shield Wax is ideal for untreated mineral substrates like bricks, masonry, limestone, natural stone, marble, etc. a sacrificial anti-graffiti layer based on natural wax suitable for a single cleaning process.

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  1. Rustoleum Hard Hat NR.1 Greener Paint Stripper
    Rustoleum Hard Hat NR.1 Greener Paint Stripper

    Paint Stripper for metal, wood and most mineral surfaces to remove oil paint quickly.

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  2. Rustoleum Pegagraff Hydro
    Rustoleum Pegagraff Hydro

    A colourless, water based, abrasion and solvent resistant anti-grafitti varnish.

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