Hygiene Coating For Steelworks At Heathrow Bakery

Heathrow Bakery Hygiene Paint

Further to contact from the design agency that were overseeing the design and build for Heathrow Bakery’s new facility, a site visit was arranged to advise on a suitable hygiene coating system.

Location Iver Bucks   |    Date July 2016    |     Contractor: Marc Stubs

Furthermore, the bakery were to be producing a range of handcrafted authentic Italian ciabatta, foccacia, ciapini, panini, mezzaluna and marbled breads, crusty rolls and soft rolls. This is for the Airline Catering Sector. Therefore they need to provide the highest standard of hygiene.

Firstly, the walls were lined with a plastic hygiene sheeting but the steelwork required a coating of hygiene paint. The product system submitted was to apply a coat of Rust-Oleum 3333 Super Adhesive Primer. This was to provide good adhesion to the steelwork. This was then over coated withCentreCoat Ultra Hygiene Coating. It provides a hard wearing, durable coating. It offers protection against E.coli 0157, Listeria sp., Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella, Shigella sp. and MRSA. CentreCoat Ultra benefits from being able to be power washed and scrubbing daily. This would have little or no effect to the coating.







CentreCoat Ultra is regularly used in Hospitals and Operating Theatres. It is also found in Schools, Bathrooms, Swimming Pool Enclosures and Retirement Homes. You might even find it in Food Manufacturing Plants, Pharmaceutical Applications and Laboratories. Or even Food Preparation Areas, Kitchens, Restaurants, Veterinary Practices, Kennels/Catteries, Abattoirs, Custody Cells. and many other facilities where a clean environment and public health is of concern.

Lastly, the system was applied to all the steel frame of the building. It totals in excess of 1800 m2 of steelwork. It was by brush and roller.

Finally, these products are available from Promain.co.uk.

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