Carboline was founded in 1947 by Stanley Lapota & has over 70 years history of innovation in the industrial coatings, linings & Passive Fire Protection products, from bringing the first inorganic zinc coating in the market in the 1950's to providing coatings for NASA.

Carboline is owned by the American company RPM. Carboline’s Head office is in St. Louis , Missori. The UK distribution centre & office is strategically positioned in the heart of England in Leicester. This enables next working day delivery to most of mainland UK. The company also has European plants in Italy, Norway, including a site in Barcelona for producing passive fire protective coatings.

Specialising in the oil and gas, as well as renewable energy markets, Carboline provide comprehensive solutions for high temp, chemical resistance, cryogenic environments, insulative as well as tanking linings market.

Carboline also provide FDA approved food safe coatings suitable for hygienic environments.

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  1. Carboline Carboguard 891 VOC
    Carboline Carboguard 891 VOC

    An ultra high solids epoxy that is designed as a liner for potable water. FDA approved.

    From £675.00 £562.50
  2. Carboline Thermaline 440 Topcoat Finish Formerly 400 EU Topcoat
    Carboline Thermaline 440 Topcoat Finish Formerly 400 EU Topcoat

    Immersion grade coating for steel and stainless steel. Cures down to 5°C. Tintable to a huge range of RAL and BS shades.

    From £180.00 £150.00
  3. Carboline Carbothane 134 HP
    Carboline Carbothane 134 HP

    A thin film, high gloss finish with exceptional weathering performance characteristics.

    From £103.94 £86.62
  4. Carboline Thermaline Heat Shield
    Carboline Thermaline Heat Shield

    An extreme performance pipeline coating for hot, cryogenic and cycling exposures.

    From £1,296.66 £1,080.55
  5. Carboline Carbocoat 115 Single Pack High Build Primer Formerly Nullifire PM020
    Carboline Carbocoat 115 Single Pack High Build Primer Formerly Nullifire PM020

    A fast drying, single pack modified alkyd primer for structural steel in a Carboline / Nullifire intumescent paint system.

    From £72.49 £60.41
  6. Carboline Windmastic Topcoat HSX Repair Kit
    Carboline Windmastic Topcoat HSX Repair Kit

    An aliphatic polyurethane, weather resistant topcoat repair for use on wind turbine blades.

    From £59.52 £49.60
  7. Carboline Thermaline 4674
    Carboline Thermaline 4674

    A single pack medium to high temperature coating that withstands continuous temperature up to 400ºC, and peaks up to 540°C.

    From £92.40 £77.00
  8. Carboline Carboguard E19 Primer Formerly Nullifire PM021
    Carboline Carboguard E19 Primer Formerly Nullifire PM021

    An economical corrosion resistant primer for use on abrasive blasted steel. Part of a Carboline/Nullifire intumescent system.

    From £117.42 £97.85
  9. Carboline Carboguard 890 GF
    Carboline Carboguard 890 GF

    A glass reinforced chemically resistant epoxy coating with wide versatility in all industrial markets.

    From £132.30 £110.25
  10. Carboline Thermaline 4900
    Carboline Thermaline 4900

    A single pack silicone acrylic heat resistant finish suitable for high temperature exposures up to 260°C on steel.

    From £113.00 £94.17
  11. Carboline Carbothane 134 HG
    Carboline Carbothane 134 HG

    Provides a smooth, durable finish that has superior resistance to corrosion, abrasion and chemical exposure.

    From £117.00 £97.50
  12. Carboline Carbomastic 18 FC
    Carboline Carbomastic 18 FC

    A fast-curing, heavy duty, high-build anti-corrosive coating for marine and other corrosive environments.

    From £106.20 £88.50
  13. Carboline Carbomastic 15 LT
    Carboline Carbomastic 15 LT

    A two pack, high solid aluminium pigmented, low temperature curing modified epoxy mastic.

    From £100.55 £83.79
  14. Carboline Carboguard 690
    Carboline Carboguard 690

    A high performance 2 pack epoxy for industrial use. Suitable for CUI. Low temperature curing down to -6°C.

    From £329.40 £274.50
  15. Carboline Phenoline 353 LT
    Carboline Phenoline 353 LT

    A versatile tank lining suitable for low temperature application down to 2°C. NORSOK 7a Approved.

    From £313.80 £261.50
  16. Carboline Carbozinc 11
    Carboline Carbozinc 11

    Rapid / low temperature curing inorganic zinc product suitable for C3 - CX and immersion environments.

    From £257.04 £214.20
  17. Carboline Thermaline 450
    Carboline Thermaline 450

    Offers exceptional barrier protection and resistance to wet/dry cycling at elevated temperatures.

    From £251.46 £209.55
  18. Carboline Carboxane 2000 Topcoat
    Carboline Carboxane 2000 Topcoat

    An advanced isocyanate free topcoat with outstanding high gloss and colour retention for exterior exposures.

    From £205.20 £171.00
  19. Carboline Phenoline 187 VOC
    Carboline Phenoline 187 VOC

    A high solids epoxy tank lining with exceptional chemical resistance. Formulated primarily as a tank lining.

    From £276.30 £230.25
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