Carboline Thermaline 4700 Aluminium

UN1263 (Class: 3, Pk Grp: III)
A single pack silicone high performance finish for areas exposed to extreme temperatures. Suitable for service from 204°C - 540°C.
Available in 4 Litres in C901 Aluminium
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Product Description

Carboline Thermaline 4700 Aluminium is a single pack silicone high performance finish for areas exposed to extreme temperatures. Suitable for service from 204°C - 540°C.

Best Uses

Carboline Thermaline 4700 Aluminium is formulated for use within the metals and mining, petrochemical, OEM, commercial marine, oil and gas, and power industries.

Carboline Thermaline 4700 Aluminium is suitable for dry continuous temperatures up to 540°C, or short term thermal shock up to 649°C.

  • Resistant to severe thermal shock
  • Provides outstanding long-term performance when applied over Carbozinc inorganic zinc primers
  • Provides barrier protection prior to heat curing (full film physical properties occur after heat curing)


Suitable for application to steel and aluminium. Follow product data sheet guidance.

The alignment of aluminium flakes in aluminium filled finishes is very dependent on application conditions and techniques. Care must be taken to keep conditions as constant as possible to reduce variations in final appearance. It is also advisable to work from a single batch of material since variations can occur from batch to batch.

Technical Details
Components: Single Pack
Type: Silicone Finish
Finish: Gloss initially, flat after heat curing
Stock Colours: C901 Aluminium
Tintable: No
VOC Content: 604 g/L
Volume Solids: 30%
Suitable Substrates: Blasted Steel, Aluminium or Stainless Steel
Application Method: Conventional Spray (Brush or Roller for awkward areas)
Theoretical Coverage: 11.8 m2 per litre at 25 microns, 5.9m2 per litre at 50 microns
Wet Film Thickness (WFT): -
Dry Film Thickness (DFT): Do not exceed 2.0 mils (51 microns) in a single coat. One or two coats are typical. Two coats are recommended over stainless steel.
Induction Time: -
Pot Life: -
Touch Dry: 1 hour at 24°C
Overcoatable: After 4 hours at 24°C
Dry to Handle: 8 hours at 24°C
Cleaner / Thinner: Clean up with Carboline Thinner No2. Dependant on surface (see data sheet) thin with Carboline Thinner No235.
Shelf Life: 12 months in original unopened containers.
Packaging: Available in 4 Litres

The manufacturers data sheets are available for download from this website. It is your responsibility to read and understand all aspects of the data sheets before you place an order and prior to application. Please pay special attention to the preparation, mixing and application temperatures of the product, cleaning of substrate and environmental factors such as temperature, rain etc. Quoted coverage rates are based on the manufacturers theoretical rates and may vary depending upon substrates absorption, texture and application. We always recommend a test is carried out to ensure suitability.

Customer further agrees that Promain have no liability for any errors or omissions contained within the Product Data Sheets and are not liable for failure due to misapplication or inadequate substrate cleaning and preparation. For more information please refer to our Terms & Conditions.

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