Carboline Thermaline 450

Part A: UN1263 (Class: 3, Pk Grp: II), Part B: Non Hazardous
Offers exceptional barrier protection and resistance to wet/dry cycling at elevated temperatures.
Available in 10 Litres
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Product Description

Carboline Thermaline 450 is a highly cross-linked, glass-flake filled polymer that offers exceptional barrier protection and resistance to wet/dry cycling at elevated temperatures.

Best Uses

Carboline Thermaline 450 is suitable for insulated or uninsulated pipes, stacks and equipment operating up to 450°F (232°C). This coating provides excellent resistance to corrosion, abrasion and permeation, and its novolac-modification resists severe chemical attack.

  • Temperature resistance up to 450°F (232°C)
  • High-build single-coat capabilities
  • Excellent resistance to thermal shock
  • Superior abrasion and chemical resistance
  • Glass flake reinforcement
  • Ambient-temperature cure
  • VOC compliant to current AIM regulations

Carboline Thermaline 450 provides extreme durability with decades of performance and is recommended for CS-1,3,4 and SS-1,2,3 systems of NACE SP0198 Standard Practice for coatings to control corrosion under insulation (CUI).


Suitable for application to steel and stainless steel. See data sheet for full application guidelines. Power mix separately, then combine and power mix.

Technical Details
Components: Two Pack
Type: Amine Cured Novolac Epoxy
Finish: Eggshell
Stock Colours: 0500 Red, 5742 Grey
Tintable: No
VOC Content: 250 g/L
Volume Solids: 70%
Suitable Substrates: Steel, Stainless Steel
Application Method: Conventional Spray, Airless Spray or Brush
Theoretical Coverage: 27.6 m2 per litre at 25 microns, 2.8m2 per litre at 250 microns
Wet Film Thickness (WFT): -
Dry Film Thickness (DFT):

8 - 10 mm (203 - 254 microns) minimum to be achieved in 1 or 2 coats

Do not exceed 15 mils (375 microns) per coat.

Induction Time: -
Pot Life: 3 hours at 24°C
Dry To Handle: 12 hours at 16°C
Overcoatable: Between 32 hours and 14 days at 16°C
Fully Cured: 14 days at 16°C
Cleaner / Thinner: Clean up with Carboline Thinner No2. Thin with Carboline Thinner No213 as per data sheet when required.
Shelf Life: 3 years in original unopened containers.
Packaging: Available in 10 Litres

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