Rustoleum Biosan Aqua PLUS

Rustoleum Biosan Aqua PLUS

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Antibacterial Hygiene Paint for protection of germs and hygiene control suitable for walls and ceilings in high wear areas where controlled hygienic conditions are essential.
Rustoleum Biosan Aqua PLUS, available in 5 litre paint tins.
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£73.00 (£87.60 Inc VAT)

Product Description

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Biosan Aqua PLUS is a two pack semi gloss Antibacterial Hygiene dilutable epoxy Paint for Walls and Ceilings. Aqua Plus offers excellent chemical resistance to oils and solvents making it suitable for use in areas where chemicals and solvents are used on a daily basis.

What is it best used for?

Biosan Hygiene Paints containing BACTRON antibacterial protection, supported by good housekeeping practices, is the ideal solution for the maintenance of a hygienic environment where cleanliness is of utmost importance such as hospitals, operating theatres, wards, dental surgeries, care homes, food processing areas, restaurants, kitchens, dairies, breweries, abattoirs, leisure centres and schools.

How to apply the product?

Apply Biosan Aqua Plus using brush, roller or airless spray. When using this product you will need to use 2 coats. When applying the first coat you will need to dilute the paint with 10% water. Do not apply in conditions less than 8 degrees celsius. Always provide good air ventilation where possible.

Surfaces/Environment is it best used for?

For the interior coating of walls and ceilings in areas where controlled hygienic conditions are of essential importance and where high abrasion resistance is needed. Biosan Aqua Plus is solvent free, almost odourless and easy to clean which helps maintain a hygienic environment.

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