Introducing Anti Slip Deck Paint

Decking 1Even with the cold winter months behind us – if they ever really are behind us in the UK – there are still a number of issues that could cause your deck to become slippery. Rain, pool water, frost, moss and algae are just some of the issues that could cause your deck to become a dangerous place to be. Although decking with grooves do offer some form of grip, the result is often minimal and not as good as you might have hoped. This is where an anti slip deck paint could be the perfect answer.

What Are The Benefits of Using Anti Slip Deck Paint Over Standard Deck Paint?

With slips and trips being amongst the most common of all accidents, trying to prevent them from happening is a necessity. The last thing you want to happen when showcasing your new deck is for yourself, friends, family or guests to slip and injure themselves. Using an anti slip deck paint will not only help prevent slips and falls, but will also brighten and protect your deck against weathering.

What Surfaces Can I Use Anti Slip Deck Paint on?

Promain have a number of anti slip products that can be used on various different substrates and surfaces including decking, wooden floors, metal, plastic fibreglass and marble.

Here we have listed some of our most popular anti slip products that would be perfect for use on many types of decking:

Introducing Blackfriar Anti Slip Deck Coating

"<yoastmarkBlackfriar Clear Anti Slip Deck Paint for wooden decks providing a slip resistant finish.

Blackfriar Anti Slip Deck Coating is best used on external decking that are partially shaded in order to prepare them for the winter months where the harsh conditions can often make surfaces hard to walk on. It provides surfaces with a waterproof finish that is ultra protective to weathering and UV light resistant.

Features Technical Details
  • A clear slip resistant deck coating which allows the beauty of wood to show through
  • Ideal for use on decks that are partially shaded
  • Ideal for exterior timber decking and walkways
  • Provides surfaces with a waterproof finish that seals and protects
  • Ultra protective to to weathering and UV light resistant
  • Matt finish
  • Touch dry in 2-4 hours depending on conditions
  • Coverage 9m2 per litre
  • Available in 2.5 litre tins


Owatrol Antislip (Antigliss)

Owatrol Anti Slip Deck Paint
Owatrol Antislip (Antigliss)

An easy to apply solvent based premixed coating that offers a slip-resistant finish for wooden steps and decks as an anti slip deck paint etc.

Owatrol Antislip – also known as Antigliss, has been specially formulated to provide a slip resistant finish to timber decking and other wooded structures such as steps. Unlike many non slip coatings where an anti slip aggregate is hand cast onto a wet surface, Owatrol Antislip is supplied containing 100 micron anti-slip polypropylene wax microbeads that creates a skid resistant surface suitable for pedestrian and wheeled traffic reducing the risk of falling or skidding.

Features Technical Details
  • Protects and decorates
  • Easy Maintenance
  • No Sanding or Stripping
  • Use on new or weathered wood
  • Suitable for all exterior wood surfaces, including pressure treated wood
  • Good UV and weather resistance
  • Available in Clear, Light Oak or Teak
  • Satin finish
  • Suitable for exterior use only
  • Applied by brush or roller in a single un-thinned coat allowing a minimum of 6 hours at 20°C
  • Theoretical Coverage: 13m2 per litre
  • Available in 5 litres

Protecta-Kote Safekote Anti Slip Floor Paint

Protectakote Safekote
Safekote from Promain

Safekote polyurethane coating incorporating non-slip particles that provide an attractive slip-resistant surface for wet or dry.

It is a low profile non-slip paint suitable for exterior and interior applications to boats, decking, shower trays, steps, ramps, laminate flooring and almost any area where an anti-slip surface is required. If selecting the clear option it can also be used as an anti slip deck paint to add slip resistance.

Features Technical Details
  • Suitable for interior and exterior applications
  • Non slip, low gloss finish
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Resists diesel, petroleum and many solvents
  • Tough and weather resistant
  • Easy to apply, simply apply by brush or roller
  • Flexibility to allow for substrate movement
  • Fast drying and cure- trafficable after only 4 hours
  • Protecta-Kote Safekote will not taint water or food once cured
  • Theoretical Coverage: 3-4m2 per litre
  • Available in 1 (transparent) and 4 litre tins

Osmo Anti Slip Decking Oil

Osmo Anti-Slip Decking Oil
Osmo Anti-Slip Decking Oil

A clear, UV resistant satin finish for exterior wood, use on wooden decking to provide an anti slip surface.

When dry Osmo 430 provides users with a clear, satin finish for decking that works to protect against mould and algae, water and UV light damage. Osmo 430 Anti-Slip Decking Oil is best used in conjunction with other Osmo pigmented first coats, which provides the decoration before 430 provides the protective properties.

Features Technical Details
  • Exceptional anti-slip qualities to protect users from wet slippery conditions.
  • Protects against mould and algae, water and UV light damage
  • Suitable for ribbed, grooved and especially smooth decking surfaces.
  • Use in conjunction with other Osmo pigmented first coats.

So, What Is The Best Deck Paint To Use?

This really is personal choice. Any of the above mentioned products will provide you with slip resistance, but do tend to be limited in colour choices. If you do have an anti slip deck paint and want to keep the colour, but still need the reassurance of anti slip, we recommend the use of either Safekote or Rustoleum 7100NS Anti-Slip floor coating, in clear, as a topcoat.

Where Can I Buy Anti Slip Deck Paint or Stains?

Promain are approved distributors for many of the world’s leading paint and surface coatings manufacturers including Blackfriar, ProtectaKote, SafeKote, PPG, Osmo, Sherwin Williams and Owatrol. We have a vast range of quality anti slip deck paint for sale, both with and without anti slip coatings. If you are looking for an alternative to cheap deck paints and oils that do not contain any anti slip features, Promain can help with various products to suit all budgets. You can view our full range of deck products on our web page here.

Once Your Work Is Completed…

We would love to see the finished outcome! If you would like to share your before and after pictures we would love to see them, and may even use them on our web site (with your permission of course). Please contact us for further information.

We hope that this article has answered any questions you may have on obtaining an anti-slip coating for your deck. If you do have any questions that you feel have not been answered here then please contact us, and our technical team will be pleased to help.


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