Decking Guide: Protecting Your Deck With A Finish

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Before continuing on, make sure that your deck has been properly prepared for the finishing layer. For the finish to be the best you will need to follow the steps on how to correctly prep your deck. Once your deck is ready there are a few decisions that will need to make before you continue to finish your deck.

First off, you will want to decide on what type of look you are wanting. Are you wanting a natural look or an opaque finish? Another thing to consider is what colour you want your deck to be. Most wood care products can be separated into two categories, saturating wood oils and film forming opaque finishes. Owatrol has many different options that you can from to create the best deck look for your backyard. We have picked out the best products and some general tips to help make this project easier.

Protecting Your Deck: The Natural Look Using Saturating Wood Oils

Saturating wood oils are used to protect the wood from the inside. The coats are applied wet-on-wet. This means that the wood is not given time to dry between coats. Instead, you will continue to apply the oil every 15 to 30 minutes until the wood has been completely saturated. Doing this will cause the wood to become to very well guarded against any weather conditions. The formula will not create a film on the surface of the deck. This means that there is no risk of the finish starting to peel or flake off. Being saturated means that the wood will no longer be able to absorb up any moisture. Which in turn means that the deck is well protected from damage that could occur.

The saturating woods oils from Owatrol is able to protect the deck against harmful UV rays. It also means that you will have to do a very minimal amount of maintenance. Here at Owatrol, we have several wood oil products to pick from. Our four best oils include:

Protecting Your Deck With A Finish

Textrol Saturating Wood Oil

Textrol is ideal for the protection of weathered wood. It comes in 6 different tints that include clear, cedar tone, redwood tone, golden oak, medium oak, and rustic oak. Once you have applied the first coat of Textrol it will give the wood a rich matte colour. This intense colour will eventually fade out to a lightened look.

Deks Olje D1

The oil works like any other saturated wood oil, but it does not come tinted. It will give your deck a clear matte finish, that works to enhance the beauty of your deck. The Deks Olje D1 is one of the densest finishes that Owatrol has to offer. Since it is so dense, this oil is able to be used on hardwoods, but it can also be used on softer woods as well. If you live around the ocean then this oil works the best for decks that are right on the waterline. See Deks Olje D1 here

Deks Olje D2 High Gloss Finish

This oil works well with the Deks Olje D1. With its high gloss finish is it able to create a highly decorative deck. The high gloss finish can cause the D2 to be very slippery when it is wet. Which means that it should not be the only finish that you put on your deck. Deks Olje is ideal for use on the handrails or balustrades to create a professional look. For the best results, apply the oil in 6 thin coats. See Deks Olje D2 here


Aquadecks is the best water-base oil that is on the market. This makes it perfect if you are worried about using oil-based products. Apply this product in the same manner as oil-based products. Aquadecks is available in 3 tints, honey, teak, and movingui. See Aquadecks here

Protecting Your Deck: Opaque Wood Finishes

The opaque wood finish works great for people who are looking for a coloured finish, opaque, and even matte. You can apply this high-quality product in only 2 coats. It also requires very little maintenance. You will only need to do a top coat every few years.

There is a danger when it comes to picking out an opaque wood finish. Cheaper quality products can cause your deck to peel and flake. This could mean that you will have to make repairs every year before you apply this finish.

The Owatrol formula is able to leave a strong, yet flexible film that will not peel or flake. It can also provide great protection against moisture and UV rays. While these products can be expensive they are well the price. Two of the best opaque wood finishes that Owatrol produces includes:

Protecting Your Deck With A Finish

Decking Paint

The decking paint was created specifically for decks, and is also able to withstand high-traffic areas. Subsequently, it comes in 10 different colours, with application in only 2 coats. This paint is also able to be flexible, which means that it will not peel or flake. It comes with a 5-year guarantee that it will not peel.

Solid Colour Stain Opaque Finish

Furthermore, like the other finish, you can apply the solid colour stain opaque finish in 2 coats. In conclusion, it is available in 52 shades that range from Acron to Winter Sky.

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