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  1. Mapei Planitop 200
    Mapei Planitop 200

    Water repellent cementitious skimming mortar with fine, natural finish for concrete and plastic, glass and porcelain coatings.

    From £38.62 £32.18
  2. Mapei Elastocolor Tonachino Plus
    Mapei Elastocolor Tonachino Plus

    A flexible, water repellent, mould & algae resistant elastomeric plaster for the hygienic protection of walls, in internal and external applicatio...

    From £125.38 £104.48
  3. Mapei Planitop 210
    Mapei Planitop 210

    A one part, water-repellent, cementitious skimming mortar with a fine, natural finish for internal and external concrete, lime based render, old quart...

    From £35.58 £29.65
  4. Mapei Silancolor Tonachino Plus, 20 Kg
    Mapei Silancolor Tonachino Plus, 20 Kg

    An internal and external masonry paint available in various grain sizes for use where mould or fungi growth can be an issue.

    From £86.12 £71.77
  5. Mapei Quarzolite Tonachino
    Mapei Quarzolite Tonachino

    A flexible fibroreinforced, acrylic rustic effect plaster for internal and external application to protect walls and even out surface imperfections.

    From £67.94 £56.62
  6. Mapei Silexcolor Tonachino, 20 Kg
    Mapei Silexcolor Tonachino, 20 Kg

    A one pack, modified potassium silicate mineral plaster in paste form available in different grain sizes for interior and exterior finishings.

    From £90.71 £75.59
  7. Mapei Mapetherm AR1 GG
    Mapei Mapetherm AR1 GG

    Formulated for bonding all types of thermal-insulating panels directly on to render, masonry and concrete on walls and ceilings.

    From £20.23 £16.86

9 Items

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