RODO ProDec Single Arm Roller Cage PRFR005 - 9 Inch

Non Hazardous
9 Inch Single Arm Paint Roller Cage.
Suitable for 9 Inch Rollers
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Product Description

RODO Single Arm Roller Cage, 9 Inch PRFR005 is for applying paint to walls and ceilings used with RODO's 9 inch Roller Refills for a smooth, high quality finish.

RODO Single Arm Roller Cage, 9 Inch PRFR005 is the perfect accessory when it comes to decorating and allows easy application of paint on to walls and other surfaces. Rollers are a very popular way of applying paint and allow for a smooth and even application to provide a quality finish. Part of the extensive range of painting accessories from Promain.

Best Uses

RODO Single Arm Roller Cage, 9 Inch PRFR005 are best used when it comes to applying paint and other substances to flat surfaces such as walls and ceilings. When used with a Centrecoat roller refill, you have the perfect painting tool to ensure that you have a high quality finish upon completion.


Simply apply a roller refill to the 9 inch single arm roller, roll in the paint of your choice and then using the roller apply the paint to walls or surface that you are painting.

Surfaces and Environments

RODO Single Arm Roller Cage, 9 inch PRFR005 are perfect for use in any environment and allow for easy and even application of paint and other substances on any kind of flat surface

Technical Details
  • Suitable for 9 Inch Roller Refills

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