Rustoleum 5220 EpoxyShield Clear Sealer Primer

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EpoxyShield Clear Sealer Primer and floor sealer 5220, a water based clear and non yellowing coating.
Available in 5 Litres in Clear
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Product Description

Rustoleum EpoxyShield Clear Sealer Primer 5220 is a cost effective, quick drying floor sealer that provides and excellent dust proof coating. Rustoleum EpoxyShield Clear Sealer Primer 5220 protects surfaces against moisture and road salts and is easy to apply.

Best Uses

Rustoleum EpoxyShield Clear Sealer Primer 5220 is a simple concrete protector with excellent penetrating properties. EpoxyShield 5220 offers excellent durability with non yellowing features to protect the surface against UV light.


Epoxyshield should be applied to clean and dry concrete surfaces. Do not apply Epoxyshield to smooth or very dense concrete floors or concrete that contains curing compound. The floor should be cleaned using EpoxyShield Cleaner/Degreaser 2901 to remove all oil, grease and other dirt. New concrete must be allowed to cure for minimum of 30 days. All laitance, loose or unsound concrete should be removed by blast-tracking, diamond grinding or acid etching with Rustoleum Surfa-Etch 108 Etching Solution.

Repair all holes and cracks with EpoxyShield concrete repair products. Very dense and smooth concrete should first be abrasive blasted (or surface etched). Rustoleum EpoxyShield Clear Sealer Primer 5220 can be applied using brush or roller and it recommended that all tools and brushes are cleaned directly after application with hot, soapy water. Once applied, Rustoleum EpoxyShield Clear Sealer Primer 5220 has a theoretical coverage rate of 10m2 per litre on smooth semi porous surfaces and is touch dry after just 1 hour at a room temperature of 20°C. providing the surface temperature of the floor slab is not to cold. The floor is ready for a recoating with floor paint such as Epoxyshield Ultra after 6 hours.

Temperature of air, substrate and coating material must be between 10 and 35°C, relative humidity (RH) below 85%. The substrate temperature must be at least 3°C above dew point. Ventilate well during and after application.

Surface and Environment

Rustoleum EpoxyShield Clear Sealer Primer 5220 is ideal for use with EpoxyShield ULTRA coatings and can be used internally or externally for the sealing of floors. When dry Rustoleum EpoxyShield Clear Sealer Primer has a glossy clear finish.

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