PPG SigmaCover 400 Formerly SigmaCover 640

SKU id3835 Part A: UN1263 (Class: 3, Pk Grp: III), Part B: UN3469 (Class: 3.8, Pk Grp: III)
Formerly PPG SigmaCover 640/Amerlock 400C. A self-priming coating for steel and concrete. LuL APR No.1255
Available in 4 and 20 Litres. Please contact us regarding other colours.
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*These colours are for guidance only. Variations between output devices can misrepresent the appearance of an actual colour. Also, we strongly advise that you order your complete paint requirements simultaneously to ensure a uniform batch colour.
£57.33 (£68.80 Inc VAT)

Product Description

PPG SigmaCover 400 (Amerlock) is a two component high solids epoxy coating suitable for garage floors, walkways and other concrete and metal substrates. London Underground Approved - LuL APR No.1255

PPG SigmaCover 400 (Amerlock) is a high performance, two-pack epoxy paint coating which is suitable for concrete and metal floors as well metal pipes and structural steel. Formerly known as SigmaCover 640, SigmaCover 400 is a self-priming, universal epoxy paint which has good adhesion on most coatings. SigmaCover 400 is available in a choice of BS and RAL colours, with a semi-gloss finish.

Best Uses

PPG SigmaCover (Amerlock) 400 has been specifically manufactured as a professional coating. With its unique formula, it is highly suitable for use on bridges, tank exteriors, containers and oil tanks. It has also achieved London Underground approval. Additionally, PPG SigmaCover 400 is ideal for chemical acid and fuel bunds.


When applying to carbon steel, blast clean substrate to Sa2.5. When being used for immersion also blast clean to Sa2.5. For concrete and masonry, remove grease, oil and other other contamination. For galvanized steel, remove all oil and contaminations with a suitable detergent or cleaner. Lightly abrasive blast to 40 - 75 microns. For ferrous metals and stainless steel, remove all rust, dirt grease and moisture. Lightly blast clean to a profile of 40 - 100 microns.

Ensure substrate temperature is kept within 5 and 50°C. Mix both components prior to combining. Mix hardener within base container by mechanical means. Can be thinned between 0 - 10% with suitable PPG thinners, especially during cold conditions such as garage floors during winter. Porous substrates such as screeded floors or tampered concrete floors can often use far more epoxy floor paint from our experience we estimate a coverage rate of approximately 3m2 per litre per coat.

PPG SigmaCover 400 should be applied by spray, brush or roller.

Surface and Environment

PPG SigmaCover 400 can be used in commercial, construction and industrial environments where chemical spillages, splashes and fumes from acids, alkalis, solvents and water can cause damage to the surface. PPG SigmaCover 400 works by protecting steel and concrete substrates from these examples of chemical and atmospheric attack. Because of it's high resistance to weathering, SigmaCover 400 is perfect for application to exterior bund linings, including, chemical, fuel or specially selected acid bunds. PPG SigmaCover 400 can be applied over mechanically cleaned steel and is also suitable for use on concrete or prepared damp surfaces.

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