PPG Thinner 21-25 Formerly Amercoat 101

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Thinner 21-25 (Amercoat 101) is for use with PPG Hi-Temp 1027.
Available in 5 Litres
£33.50 (£40.20 Inc VAT)
£33.50 (£40.20 Inc VAT)

Product Description

PPG Thinner 21-25 (Amercoat 101) is for use with PPG Hi-Temp 1027 for applications to substrates in excess of 66° Celsius.

PPG Thinner 21-25 (Amercoat 101) is the required thinner for PPG Hi-Temp 1027 and in applications onto metal surfaces in excess of 66°C.

Best Uses

Thinner 21-25 is part of the PPG Sigma range of thinners and is for use with PPG Hi-Temp 1027. It can also be utilised to clean up paint after use.


Thinner 21-25 is added to PPG Hi-Temp 1027 when thinning is needed. If required, this should be in accordance with applicable regulations. When applying to hot steel, use of a solvent other than Thinner 21-25 could produce a fire hazard and dry spray or poor film characteristics may be the result.

Surfaces and Environment

PPG Thinner 21-25 is for use with PPG Hi- Temp 1027 for applications to hot substrates (of between 66°C and 260°C).

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