Hempel Hempathane Topcoat 55210

SKU id15511 Part A and B: UN1263 (Class: 3, Pk Grp: III)
A two-component, glossy acrylic polyurethane coating for use onto structural steel in severely corrosive environments.
Available in 5 and 20 Litres. Tintable to many RAL and BS shades.
£49.76 (£59.71 Inc VAT)
*These colours are for guidance only. Variations between output devices can misrepresent the appearance of an actual colour. Also, we strongly advise that you order your complete paint requirements simultaneously to ensure a uniform batch colour.
£49.76 (£59.71 Inc VAT)

Product Description

Hempel Hempathane Topcoat 55210 is a two-component, glossy acrylic polyurethane coating, cured with aliphatic isocyanate, with good gloss and colour retention for use onto structural steel in severely corrosive environments.

Best Uses

Hempel Hempathane Topcoat 55210 is recommended as a finishing coat for protection of structural steel in severely corrosive atmospheric environment, where light-fastness and gloss retention is required.


Apply only on a dry and clean surface with a temperature above the dew point to avoid condensation. Minimum temperature for curing is: -10°C/14°F. At the freezing point and below be aware of the risk of ice on the surface, which will hinder adhesion. The film formation may be adversely affected by light rain, high humidity and/or condensation during application and the following interval after application: 10 hours , 20°C/68°F In confined spaces provide adequate ventilation during application and drying.

Airless spray: 5-10% thinning is recommended. Under extreme conditions up to more than 20% may be necessary to obtain satisfactory film formation. Electrostatic spray: 10% thinning is recommended. Contact HEMPEL for more information. May be specified in another film thickness than indicated depending on purpose and area of use. This will alter spreading rate and may influence drying time and overcoating interval. Normal range dry is: 40-75 micron/1.6-3 mils.

Recommended basecoats: Recommended systems are: Hempel Hempadur 45141, Hempel Hempadur 45143, Hempel Hempadur Mastic 45880, or Hempel Hempadur 45881.

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