Hempel Hempadur 15553 Primer

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A two-component epoxy paint, that cures to a flexible, well adhering coating with good abrasion and impact resistance.
Available in 20 Litres in 11320 Light Grey
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Product Description

Hempel Hempadur 15553 Primer is a two-component epoxy paint. It cures to a flexible, well adhering coating with good abrasion and impact resistance. Contains zinc phosphate. Cures down to -10°C/14°F.

Best Uses

Hempel Hempadur 15553 is ideal as a primer for systems on hot dipped galvanized, aluminium and stainless steel surfaces in moderately to severely corrosive environments. Hempel Hempadur 15553 is also suited when roughening of the surface is not possible. See data sheet for further details.


Stainless steel and aluminium: Remove oil and grease etc. thoroughly with suitable detergent. Remove salts and other contaminants by high pressure fresh water cleaning. Roughening of the surface is recommended for optimum adhesion.

Galvanised steel: Remove oil and grease, etc. with suitable detergent. Remove salt and other contaminants by (high pressure) fresh water cleaning. Zinc salts (white rust) must be removed by high pressure hosing combined with rubbing with a stiff nylon brush if necessary. It is recommended to overcoat spray-metallised surfaces as soon as possible to avoid possible contamination.

Ammonium chloride or any other passivation agent should not be present on the surface when coating the galvanized surface. Water should not be used for cooling down the steel. Cleaning of steel should not be initiated unless the steel temperature is below: 30°C/86°F As the galvanized zinc layer may be porous it is recommended to apply a mist coat of diluted product, allow air to escape, and then apply a full coat of the product a few minutes later.

Apply using airless spray or brush.

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