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For the professional decorator Owatrol have produced a range of mainly water based paint finishes that offer a flawless finish whilst taking in concerns for environmental VOC issues into account. This range of coatings offer the highest quality and ease of application available. Products such as Tropitech offer a 100% semi-transparent acrylic finish resisting mildew and the suns harmful ultra violet rays, the cause of timber greying and silvering. Products like PCD91 a brush applied preservative treatment for end grain of freshly sawn timber that can be applied in shop or on site.

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  1. Owatrol Tropitech All in One
    Owatrol Tropitech All in One

    Waterborne coloured protecting finish for hardwood, softwoods, pressure-treated timber decking, docks and cladding.

    From £163.96 £136.63
  2. Owatrol Oleofloor Natural
    Owatrol Oleofloor Natural

    High performance waterborne matt oil finish for protecting and enhancing all interior wood work floors, stairs, panelling.

    From £48.42 £40.35
  3. Owatrol Aquatrol
    Owatrol Aquatrol

    A water based wood oil for exterior use, restores the rich, warm appearance of natural wood and beautifies exterior wood.

    From £31.73 £26.44
  4. Owatrol CompoXell Composite Wood Finish - Formerly Compo-Care
    Owatrol CompoXell Composite Wood Finish - Formerly Compo-Care

    A water-based finish for external composite wood. Designed to protect, and refresh the colour of composite wood.

    From £28.79 £23.99
  5. Linitop Acryl Prim
    Linitop Acryl Prim

    A microporous penetrating, coloured water based woodstain with built in primer and finish suitable for interior and exterior use.

    From £124.19 £103.49
  6. Owatrol PCD 91
    Owatrol PCD 91

    A brush-on end grain preservative treatment for the re-treatment, on site or in a workshop, of all cut, bored or notched wood that has been treated to...

    From £24.28 £20.23

17 Items

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