Zinga Zingatarfree (Formerly PU Tarfree MIO)

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A one pack moisture curing, polyurethane, MIO paint designed to replace normal cold tar products.
Available in 1 and 5 Litres
£23.55 (£28.26 Inc VAT)
£23.55 (£28.26 Inc VAT)

Product Description

Zinga Zingatarfree is a one pack moisture curing, polyurethane, MIO paint designed to replace normal cold tar products with the Zinga system on immersed or embedded in soil structures such as electricity pylon legs.

Best Uses

System reaches ISO 12944 in immersion in salt or brackish water or in the ground with a life expectancy of 15 years with ZINGA 1 x 60-80 µm DFT and Zingatarfree 2 x 100 µm DFT. For more info please contact our technical team.

Zinga Zingatarfree (Formerly PU Tarfree MIO) is recommended over Zinga 96%. Suitable applications include narrow boat hulls, tug boats, on the base of electricity pylons legs, truck chassis etc. Zingatar free has an extremely high resistance to salts (especially chlorides) and water penetration.


When the waiting time between the successive coats is abnormally prolonged or in extremely polluted areas, the Zinganised surface can become contaminated. All contaminations that hamper the adhesion of the paint should be removed by appropriate means. Surfaces contaminated with oil and grease should be washed
down with solvent, alkaline solutions or emulsifier. Salt deposits or other water-soluble contaminations should be removed with water and brush, water under high pressure or steam. Possible white rust on ZINGA should be removed with water and rigid nylon brush.

Zingatarfree can be applied on top of standard Zinga by brush, roller, conventional spray gun or airless spray. It is recommended to treat corners, sharp edges, bolts and nuts as a stripe coat prior to applying a uniform coat. Dilute 5 to 10% with Zingasolv if using a brush and roller. With a spray gun, dilution of 10-15% can be either made using Zingasolv or Thinner 41.

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