Osmo UV Protection Oil Tints

Non Hazardous
Allows for an even colouring and a harmonic, smooth surface result on exterior woods.
Available in 750ml and 2.5 Litres
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Product Description

Osmo UV Protection Oil Tints is based on natural oils and formulated to allow for an even colouring on exterior vertical woods.

Best Uses

Osmo UV Protection Oil Tints is ideal for all vertical wood surfaces in outdoor areas: doors, windows, window shutters (dimensionally stable elements), carports, timber cladding, balconies, fences, pergolas, and summer houses (dimensionally unstable elements). Also suitable for bamboo poles (e.g. in screens).

  • Very water and dirt resistant
  • Reduces wood swelling and shrinkage
  • Resists growth of algae, mildew and fungal
  • Microporous, breathable finish which does not crack, peel, flake or blister
  • No sanding necessary for future applications


Wood surface must be clean, dry and frost-free (moisture content max. 20%). Osmo UV Protection Oil Tints is ready to use, please do not thin. Stir well before use.
If possible, please apply first coat to all sides before installation.

For renovation works, clean old microporous stains thoroughly – if necessary sand lightly. Clean and restore already greyed or weathered wood at the same time with Osmo Wood Reviver Power-Gel. Old paints and lacquers must be completely removed. As a general rule, wear a dust mask during sanding works. Do not sand smooth surfaces finer than grit P120. The finished surface is influenced by several factors,
including the natural characteristics of wood. Therefore, a trial application is always required, especially for unfamiliar surfaces. Fresh, especially hardwood rich in extractives needs to weather off for approximately 6 weeks after installation. Thereby the wood becomes absorbent and the oil finish adheres optimally. If additional protection against blue stain, rot and insects is desired, pre-treat the wood if possible on all sides with Osmo WR Base Coat.

With Osmo Flat Brush or Osmo Microfibre Roller, apply thinly along the wood grain and spread well. Depending on the degree of weathering, apply one coat of Osmo UV-Protection-Oil Tints to the cleaned and intact finish after approx. 2-3 years. To achieve the UV protection factor 12, it is necessary to apply 2 coats of Osmo UV-Protection-Oil Tints.

Technical Details


  • UV-protected factor of 12 in comparison to untreated wood


  • For ingredient rich wood species (such as Cedar, Iroko, Teak, Mahogany etc.) - please allow minimum 12 weeks exposure in situ to the outside elements prior to application
  • Osmo UV Protection Oils are recommended only for vertically structured timber (drip angle min. 10º) to enable the rain to drip off rather than remain on the wood's surface for prolonged lengths of time
  • Over application and/or low ventilation can increase the drying times
  • The high-energy UV rays of the sun destroy the lignin in wood: it greys. Up to now, only wood finishes with colour pigments could possibly prevent this effect. With Osmo UV Protection Oil, you have the possibility to protect your wood almost invisibly. Osmo UV Protection Oil contains special ingredients that stall the greying effect by 12 times (UV factor 12). For a reliable UV protection, the wood finish must be applied more generously than other wood stains from Osmo.
  • Recommended application amount is approx. 55 ml per m2
  • So that no micro-organisms, like mould, algae or moss, can stick to a wood finish and cause unsightly discolourations, biocidal active ingredients for a superficial film protection can be added. Biocidal ingredients are fine-tuned exactly so that a harmful effect for people can be largely eliminated. Yet, many consumers prefer wood finishes without biocides, if it is not necessary. Therefore, Osmo also offers Osmo UV Protection Oil without biocides (410 Clear).
  • Oak contains a high acid content within its natural tannins and as a result causes the timber to blacken during exposure to cold and moist environments - especially during the winter periods. More frequent care and maintenance is required, particularly in its first couple of years of exposure to the elements, to maintain its decorative appearance.

Technical Info

Components: Single Pack
Type: Based on natural plant oils
Finish: Satin
Stock Colours: Spruce, Oak, Larch, Douglas Fir, Cedar, Natural, Light Red Cedar, Light Oak
Tintable: No
VOC Content: 400 g/l
Volume Solids: -
Suitable Substrates: Exterior Wood
Application Method: Brush, Osmo Microfibre Roller
Theoretical Coverage: 18m²/L with one coat
Pot Life: -
Touch Dry: 12 hours at 23°C
Recoat: One coat, when signs of wear become visible
Fully Cured: -
Cleaner / Thinner: Osmo Brush Cleaner
Shelf Life: Up to 5 years and longer if can is kept dry and closed
Packaging: Available in 750ml and 2.5 Litres

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