Osmo Microfibre Roller and Tray

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Osmo Microfibre Floor Roller Set for use with Osmo Polyx Oil.
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Product Description

The Osmo Microfibre Roller and Tray set provides a quick, professional and economical method of applying Osmo Floor Products.

Osmo Microfibre Roller and Tray Set for Floors is part of the Osmo Wood Care and Maintenance range that Promain supplys to customers. This is in addition to a number of other Paint, Oil and Wax products from quality suppliers. Osmo Microfibre Roller and Tray Set is designed for the theoretical application of clear Osmo Polyx Oils to Floors and Woodwork. This Osmo Floor Roller set contains a ridged tray with disposable insert and roller frame. The insert is a time saving aid without being un-economical.

Best Uses

Use the Osmo Microfibre Roller and Tray Set to hold decent quantities of Osmo Floor Products and enable easy, even and professional distribution, using the Microfibre Roller. TheOsmo Roller is manufactured from 100% Seamless Microfibre and offers excellent solvent resistance. Get optimum results from this Roller and Tray Set by using it with Osmo Polyx Oil in Satin or Matt.


Osmo Microfibre Roller and Tray Set is designed to offer the quick and professional application of Osmo Floor Products (eg. Osmo Polyx Oil for Wood Care and Maintenance). Osmo Microfibre Roller offers theoretical yield due to unique structure of the microfibres - high loading capacity and an even, thin release of colour.

Surface and Environment

Osmo Microfibre Roller and Tray is designed for use in interior environments in co-operation with other Osmo Floor Care products. Use on Wooden Floors and Wooden Structures to enhance the finish and protection of the surface.

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