Mapei Mapelastic Turbo

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Two-component, rapid drying elastic cementitious mortar for waterproofing terraces and balconies, even at at low temperature.
Available in 18 and 36 Kg in Grey
£104.33 (£125.20 Inc VAT)
£104.33 (£125.20 Inc VAT)

Product Description

Mapelastic Turbo is a two-component, rapid-drying, waterproofing, cementitious binding mortar for use on balconies, terraces, flat roofs, swimming pools, etc.

Mapelastic Turbo allows work to be carried out more quickly than with any other product at low temperatures and on substrates that are not completely dry.

Best Uses

Mapelastic Turbo has been formulated as a fast drying product for concrete structures, cementitious screeds and old floor and wall coverings, allowing for tiling after 4 hours in normal weather conditions and within 24 hours at temperatures down to 5°C.

Mapelastic Turbo has the same resistance to chemical attack from de-icing salts, sulphates, chlorides and carbon dioxide as Mapelastic but has been specially formulated with fine-grained selected aggregates, special admixtures and synthetic polymers to speed up drying time. The setting time of Mapelastic Turbo allows surfaces to be waterproofed and floor and wall coverings to be bonded within 24 hours when used in conjunction with a rapid adhesive from the Mapei range, even if the surrounding conditions are not ideal.

Mapelastic Turbo also has excellent adhesion on all concrete surfaces and cementitious screeds, ceramic, mosaics, natural stone and terrazzo.

Use Mapelastic Turbo for waterproofing balconies, terraces, flat roofs, swimming pools, etc, before bonding ceramic, mosaic or natural stone floor and wall coverings. Its excellent adhesion properties make Maptelastic Turbo suitable for overlaying on existing floor and wall coverings before bonding new coverings.


Apply Mapelastic Turbo in layers to thoroughly cleaned, repaired, stable substrates using a trowel. Allow to dry before bonding the required covering.

For the rapid waterproofing of balconies, terraces, flat roofs and swimming pools. Mapelastic Turbo complies with the principles defined in EN 1504-9 ("Products and systems for protecting and repairing concrete structures: definitions, requirements, quality control and conformity assessment. General principles for the use of products and systems") and the requirements of EN 1504-2 coating (C) according to principles PI, MC and IR ("Concrete surface protection systems").

Mapelastic Turbo meets the requirements of EN 14891 ("Liquid-applied water impermeable products for use beneath ceramic tiling bonded with adhesives").

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